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Maps are the cornerstones of every successful civilization.

They show us where our treasures are and direction on how to navigate towards a better future.

How is mapping done?

Waterproof action cameras, iPhones, and drones. Using technology called structure from motion photogrammetry to recreate reef breaks in 3D anyone with a digital screen can experience what life is like below the curl, ultimately understanding the best waves on the planet.

Why is

+ Identify the current state of reefs at surf breaks
+ Inform better restoration or conservation action
+ Evaluate management practices over time

How does it impact you?

Knowledge is power, and being able to better understand our coral Reefs allows us to better protect our oceans and ecosystem, ultimately providing a healthier world for everyone. In addition, the more we understand wave systems, the better waves we can surf.


We’ve teamed up with The Mega Lab to do Mapping the
right way. The Mega Lab is a non-profit ocean research
group that develops new technology to protect our oceans
and provide it to the communities who need it the most.
It’s led by Professor Cliff Kapono, a professional surfer,
chemist, and journalist.

What REEF has Mapped to date:

To preserve and protect the world’s best surfing reefs and the waves we ride, in partnership with the mega lab, we have supported 3d mapping of the most iconic surfing reefs:


Mapping Pipeline


Mapping Cloudbreak

REEF x MegaLab

A design inspired by the vibrant ecosystem found within coral reefs. You can’t save what you can’t see.

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Reef Seaside
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