We can’t save what we can’t see

Did you know more of the surface of Mars has been mapped than our oceans? How do you protect something that you cannot see? REEF and MEGA Lab have once again teamed up to set out and explore the health of our reefs at the best surf breaks on the planet. In doing so, we hope to find fun and exciting ways to enjoy the surf and continue learning and educating along the way.

So we mapped the reef at Cloudbreak

Nakurukurumailani, also known as Cloudbreak, is one of the most famous waves on the planet. A favorite surfing destination among world champions and recreational surfers alike, its power is only outmatched by the mystery of the reef below.

We think the solution to preserving reefs is human

Do you need a science degree to save the reef? No. But it definitely helps. Watch the team of the most unconventional nerds around as they use their passion for the ocean to enhance the way they do science. 

We never said it was easy, but we’re up for the challenge

Mapping over 5,000 square meters of reef isn't easy, especially at Cloudbreak where even the smallest of waves can have deadly consequences. Using GPS, aerial and underwater drone technology, the MEGA team was able to get the data they needed safe and sound. Well, mostly safe and sound.

And we’re just getting started…

Good science only works if the local communities adopt them. Working with local stakeholders, REEF and MEGA Lab are hoping to transform the way we do conservation for years to come.