Brinkley Davies, Coco Ho and Victoria Vergara portraits for International Women's Day.

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We're proud to release new exclusive styles in partnership with three of our incredible ambassadors, with partial proceeds going to charities close to their hearts.

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Brinkley Davies protrait next to her collaboration shoe the Cushion Clous Roa.
Brinkley Davies protrait next to her collaboration shoe the Cushion Clous Roa.
Brinkley Davies

This special edition of our Cushion Cloud Roa was made in collaboration with our ambassador Brinkley Davies to create a blacked-out version of this super-cushy sandal. A portion of the proceeds go to the Balu Blue Foundation that strives to protect and enhance Australia's natural environment and ecology.

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Brinkley Davies Q&A
Hi Brinkley! Tell us — who are some women that have inspired you on your path so far?
Brinkley: Two huge inspirations for me, who have paved their way and charged forward no matter the challenges in their career paths, are Jane Goodall and Sylvia Earle. Jane Goodall’s passion and dedication to great apes is so inspiring to me — she has spoken up for wildlife on a global level throughout the last 50+ years, persevering despite constant change, destruction and challenges, especially for women in wildlife conservation. Sylvia Earle has had an amazing career and been an incredible voice for our seas. Both of these women are now in their 80’s and really standing up for our earth stronger than ever as of late — to be passionate advocates for this long is so inspiring to me.
Women supporting other women is a huge part of how we can empower the surf community to thrive in an inclusive way. Tell us about another surfer (or two!) who excites you right now.
Brinkley: I love to see the up and coming girls pushing the boundaries of innovation constantly, two of my favorites to watch are Sierra Kerr and Caity Simmers — they are both fearless and unique in their styles, it’s so awesome to see! The next generation is coming up strong, in full force and abiding by no rules or social “ standards “ that used to limit how female surfing was portrayed. I love it.
Part of the proceeds of your signature Cushion Cloud Roa Brinkley sandal is going towards the Balu Blue Foundation. Can you tell us a little bit about this organization, and why the conservation of marine and land-based environments is so important to you?
Brinkley: The protection of our seas and animals has always been a massive priority in my own career. As a surfer, and a free-diver, my life revolves around the sea — it is only natural for me to want to protect it. Being able to build Balu Blue Foundation from a small local community organization, tackling things like local marine pollution, into a larger community that has global support, is a dream come true. Although we have already achieved so much, I feel is just getting started. We are currently focusing on completing a new mobile app, to assist with wildlife rescue in Australia, and collecting data on wildlife hotspots to aid in protection, which will be combined with new educational measures in 2023 for our marine animal, and land-based animal friends. Moving forward, we have larger goals in marine wildlife rescue, habitat protection and community awareness, that we hope to achieve with larger scale support in coming years. I will always continue to advocate for many animal, wildlife and marine conservation causes in my personal life, as it is a huge passion of mine.
Coco Ho portrait next to her signature collaboration sandal the Cushion Scout Hi.
Coco Ho portrait next to her signature collaboration sandal the Cushion Scout Hi.
CoCo Ho

The Cushion Scout Hi is your effortlessly elevated sandal, with arch support and easy style. This special edition version is made in collaboration with ambassador Coco Ho, with a portion of proceeds going to The Essential Project, a charity that works to provide underprivileged children in Hawaii with the basics that no child should go without.

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CoCo Ho Q&A
Happy IWD, Coco! Tell us about a woman who is currently inspiring you.
Coco: The journey Kimmy Fasani has walked through 2022 and 2023 has been awe-inspiring. A female athlete, a mother, a breast cancer survivor…Kimmy takes it all on with grace and remarkable strength. Kimmy went through the unthinkable in front of the world, with a unique grace that had men and women across the action sports world recognizing her incredible fortitude and resilience. She is a force.
Women supporting other women is a huge part of how we can empower the surf community to thrive in an inclusive way. Tell us about some surfers who excite you right now.
Coco: Stephanie Gilmore has always been my blueprint as a gracious female athlete that bridges the gap seamlessly between femininity and tenacity. Carissa Moore consistently inspires me with her athleticism and authenticity. She lets her fans and followers directly into her thoughts through journaling — seeing a World Champion be this open and real is so special! Her giveback initiatives have also been very inspiring, and are growing each year.
Part of the proceeds of your signature Cushion Scout Hi Coco Slide is going towards The Essential Project. Can you tell us a little bit about this organization, and why it's so near and dear to your heart?
Coco: The Essential Project is a woman-founded organization in Hawaii, with a purpose that resonates deeply with all humans — to ensure that children have the everyday essential items they need to thrive. The Essential Project provides underprivileged parents and children in Hawaii with daily essentials such as diapers, first aid kits, hair brushes, toothpaste etc. As homelessness and unemployment are very prevalent where I'm from, this non-profit really hits home for me.
Victoria Vergara portrait next to her signature collaboration sandal the Lofty Lux X.
Victoria Vergara portrait next to her signature collaboration sandal the Lofty Lux X.
Victoria Vergara

These limited-edition Lofty Lux X slides feature stylish quilting and the same, molded comfort you know and love. Designed in collaboration with our ambassador Victoria Vergara, who chose for a portion of proceeds to go to the Coral Gardeners, a charity that works to research and restore coral reefs.

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Victoria Vergara Q&A
Happy International Women’s Day to you, Victoria! To kick things off, tell us about a woman that you are currently inspired by.
Victoria: There are a lot of women to be inspired by, but I would love to talk about Malala Yousafzai and her work advocating for girls' education and women's rights. Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist for girls' education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. Her work is focused on creating a world where every girl has the opportunity to receive an education and achieve her full potential. She has made a significant impact in the fight for women's rights and gender equality. Her bravery and determination in the face of adversity are truly remarkable, and her dedication to empowering girls around the world is incredibly inspiring.
The women’s surf scene keeps getting better and better — the talent and community is amazing. Tell us about another surfer right now who you are super impressed by.
Victoria: Stephanie Gilmore! She is an inspiring athlete and role model for many. She has won multiple world titles and has consistently displayed incredible skill and style in our sport. Seeing her and witnessing her win her 8th world title last September in Trestles was truly awe-inspiring. Beyond her accomplishments on the waves, she’s also an advocate for women's sports and works to promote gender equality in the surfing world. Her determination, passion, and grace make her a true queen of style, both on and off the board. She is a true inspiration to anyone who strives to excel in their chosen field while also making a positive impact on the world around them.
Can you share a little bit about your work with the Coral Gardeners, and what compelled you to partner with this specific organization?
Victoria: Growing up on tropical islands was a truly unique and special experience for me. It allowed me to explore and study the beautiful reef, and the fragile ecosystem that surrounds it, from a really young age. As a surfer and someone who has always been passionate about the ocean, I feel it is my duty to protect it and educate others about its importance. That's why I have chosen to partner with Coral Gardeners, a foundation dedicated to preserving and restoring coral reefs around the world. Their mission aligns perfectly with my own. Coral Gardeners is a group of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to restoring and preserving coral reefs through the use of innovative techniques and education programs. They work tirelessly to plant new corals, remove invasive species, and engage local communities in their efforts.