We partnered with three queer, beach-loving artists to
design an exclusive set of sandals, each depicting the power of the beach’s
universal love.

Nanna de Jong aka Nanski Punanski

“In the ocean I get to push my boundaries, I overcome my fears. The ocean always reflects my mental state, I cannot go around it or ignore it. When I’m in my head and feeling insecure it’s much harder to catch a wave compared to a confident day. This vulnerability as well as the confidence that I find in the ocean translates to my illustrations.”


Surfing the same coastline that inspired so many maritime artists fills Momo with moments of both happiness and grounding. “All bodies belong in the water and through design and illustration I try to create images that feel joyful, loving and fun.”


Rusted Indigo keeps her studio beachside in San Clemente, the place where she feels most inspired to express herself and be vulnerable. “The beach is our family’s haven. I wanted to bring a little of that peace into my sandal design in the hopes that other people could feel that love too.”


We're spreading the love even further this month with $10 from every sandal purchase in this collection going to PFLAG, a leader in LGTBQ+ rights and activism.