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Transitioning to Fall with Leather Boots

Transitioning to Fall with Leather Boots

Feeling the first few days of crisp, cool air isn't just a sign to grab that pumpkin spice latte — it's also a sign to start updating your wardrobe. Fall fashion lets you start bringing in warm tones and cozy layers to navigate warm afternoons followed by chilly evenings. 

And what's the perfect piece to bring a fall transitional look together? A pair of your favorite fall boots. Investing in high quality leather boots adds a timeless appeal to any look you're going for, whether you want to glam up a pair of jeans or dress down a midi skirt. Follow our favorite tips for integrating leather boots into your fall wardrobe. 

Embracing the Autumn Palette

One of the first moves of transitioning into a fall wardrobe is to bring in an autumnal color palette. During the summer, you probably favored bright colors that reminded you of the beach or cool whites that helped your skin breathe while soaking in the sun. 

Now that the weather has decidedly turned brisk and the sun is sinking earlier and earlier each day, it's time to bring in rich warm tones that reflect fall fashion. Start off with lighter tones of tan, gold, and deep red earlier in the season, then move onto darker colors like browns, burgundies, and deep greens for a more sophisticated look as the weeks progress. Look at the colors surrounding you in nature and use them as inspiration. Those mossy greens and deep browns, for instance, set a perfect mood that's reminiscent of the forest as it begins to prepare for winter. 

If you're looking for women's boots for fall to complement these colors, opt for a set of leather boots that will go with the majority of your outfit choices. You can flex your signature style by choosing a color that works for most of your looks. 

Black is classic, but also consider a shade of brown to add to your closet this fall. These range from light creams to mid-tone caramels, and of course, dark, broody browns. Any of these colors can act as a foundational neutral that seamlessly works with other colors in your closet. Do a quick audit of your current color palette for the season, then choose the pair of fall boots for women that work best with what you already have. 

Choosing the Right Style

With a specific color in mind, it's now time to find the perfect style for your new leather boots. There are many different forms to choose from, and each one helps you uplevel your outfit in a different way. Here are some of our most popular picks for fall boots:

Ankle boots: Ankle boots, or booties, are a fall favorite. Not only are they comfortable, they also add an extra layer of sophistication to any outfit. Uplevel your day-to-day look by swapping out the sneakers for a cute pair of leather ankle boots. 

Knee-high boots: Whether you're glamming up a pair of leggings or transitioning your favorite dress to fall, knee-high boots bring the look together. Plus, you'll feel an extra level of confidence all season long. 

Over-the-knee boots: Over-the-knee boots climb even higher, giving you extra coverage up to the thigh. They're especially helpful for petite women who want a more elongated look. Leather over-the-knee boots pair well with dresses, jeans, and leggings. 

Combat boots: There's nothing edgier than a pair of combat boots to carry you through the fall season. On top of that, they're surprisingly versatile with pants, dresses, or skirts. While your mind may automatically think of black leather, consider a creamy white or burgundy-brown to wear throughout the autumn months. 

Riding boots: Leather riding boots never go out of style; once you invest in a beautiful pair (or two, depending on your color preferences), you're set for years to come. Riding boots have a timeless style, but you can pick the vibe you want to give off by choosing between high heels or flats.

Layering with Texture

Fall is one of the best times of year to experiment with multiple layers and textures in your clothing. Craft a well-rounded look using cozy sweaters, luxurious scarves, and stylish jackets. Pair an oversized knit top with a smooth suede jacket, then balance out the look with a pair of sleek leather boots with a small heel. Or grab a light turtleneck to go with some corduroy pants with some leather ankle boots for a casual work look.

Whenever you're pairing different textures together, remember to balance lighter and heavier pieces. Choose your boot style based on the cut of pants you're wearing and the weight of textures in your outfit. You could balance out heavier boots with a blanket scarf or choose a slimmer boot to accent a more sophisticated silhouette. Another option is to pair a short skirt with an oversized blazer and knee-high or over-the-knee boots. Get creative and experiment with fun fall textures from head to toe. 

Styling Leather Boots for Various Occasions

Leather boots can elevate your fall style no matter where you're headed. Here are some of our favorite ways to style your favorite pair for any time of day or night. 

At the office: Heeled boots are your best bet for bringing an autumnal element to your standard work outfit. You'll stay warmer than you would with high heels. And by opting for a shinier leather, your boots will add a professional element. Point-toed boots work especially well with bootcut or wide leg trousers, which can be dressed down with a cardigan or dressed up with a blazer.

Weekend brunch: Style your boots any number of ways depending on where you're heading for weekend brunch. For casual neighborhood dining, grab a quilted jacket and some legging with a pair of chunky combat boots. If you're going to a more upscale restaurant, try some knee-highs with a maxi sweater dress to look sleek while staying warm. 

Pumpkin picking: Leather boots and the pumpkin patch go hand in hand, as long as you stick to comfortable, flat-soled boots. Save the slim toes and high heels for another day so you don't get stuck in mud or feel uncomfortable after walking through the pumpkin fields. Instead, grab a pair of riding boots to pair with leggings, denim jacket, and a turtleneck. Or slip into your favorite booties and jeans, plus a graphic tee and oversized cardigan.

Night out: When you're headed out for a night on the town, consider pairing your leather boots with a leather jacket for maximum impact. This is also the time to bring out your highest heeled boots with a pair of textured tights. 

Playing with Patterns

Autumn opens the door to experimenting with tons of patterns. Even if you prefer a more neutral look, consider adding one element with a unique design. Florals prints, for instance, may typically remind you of summer or spring, but you can find plenty autumnal tones for a feminine fall look. Paisley is another good option that's popular this time of year and comes in tones like maroon, turquoise, and gold. 

Animal prints like leopard are also fun to incorporate into your fall wardrobe. Make a loud statement with a large scale pattern, or opt for a quieter approach with a smaller animal print. Go for a skirt or layer an animal print top under a blazer or your favorite cardigan.

The quintessential fall pattern, of course, is plaid. While you can certainly rock a flannel plaid shirt this season, plaid is becoming more popular on other silhouettes as well. Try it on a sleek turtleneck or A-line skirt for an updated version of this fall classic. 

When incorporating any patterns or prints into your wardrobe, think of the perfect fall boots to go with them. Leather boots can act as a neutral, especially when you're combining a couple of different prints in one outfit. For instance, you could tuck a floral top into a plaid skirt, then tie the look together with a pair of cute ankle boots.

Final thoughts

From switching up your color palette to experimenting with different textures and prints, fall is a fun time to reimagine your wardrobe. No matter what kind of style you prefer, anchor each look this season with the perfect pair of leather boots.

Once you've crafted the perfect fall outfit from head to toe, take a selfie and tag us on TikTok or Instagram!