Shaped By The Ocean

A friendship shaped by the ocean, this showcase features elevated surfboard canvases adorned with Rob's designs and Todd's timeless images. This collection of eight boards offers various interpretations, capturing the essence of surfing and its environment, from imaginative representations to literal replicas of the surfboards themselves, showcasing their printed imagery. To inquire to purchase: [email protected]

California Gold

Last winter we had one of the most consistent runs of surf we’ve had in years. Big swells, clean conditions, and strong morning offshores. Rather than go to the usual spots I found myself swimming solo at sunrise more times than not. Hunting and searching for peaks away from the crowd, coming in with frozen feet and a camera that had been more barreled than most for the day. I love being able to share the view of a wave at sunrise. Rob is no stranger to an early morning session in California and has built a quiver for days just like this!

The Sanctuary

WolfMoon set at Swamis. The dawn of morning meets the end of the full moon cycle as it disappears behind clouds. There’s a crew of surfers who are out there on the full moon on a regular basis. What was once an empty lineup at night is filled with locals surfing under the moonlight.


Our favorite wave locally. There are so many faces of Seaside. The inside sandbars, the outside reef, the closed out beach break to the north which on it’s day can spit you out of tubes and the reefs just south which never seem to break in the same place even though they should! Swells come and go, but when the nights light look like this and there’s a new swell coming in, there is no other place we’d rather be.


We live in an incredible town. We have waves, great food, a desert nearby and the local mountains with snow in the winters. When we get a new swell coming in, the lines stack up from swells generated on the other side of the Pacific. They begin to slow as they approach our coast and this evening was no different. Swamis, January 2023.

Fiji Palm

A blanket of palms cover the white sand beaches of Fiji where just out of frame a perfect left reels. Getting to visit places like Fiji and Tahiti are a dream for us. From seeing them in the magazines and movies first to getting to feel and experience them in real life is something we both appreciate every day.

Happy Rob

Surfing is supposed to be fun, it is fun, we can’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s a gift that we get to go out and play in the water and I feel the same way about photography. It’s a passion turned obsession turned into a teacher, guidance counselor, mentor, travel agent, and friend. Rob underwater in Tahiti, if you could see his face you’d know he’s smiling!

Rob at Blacks Beach

Clean west swell, negative low tides, and a brand new single fin made this session extra special for Rob and I. The lighting at Blacks is one of the most dynamic setups I have ever seen. As the sun begins to set the light refracts off the cliffs filling in as a natural bounce similar to what the underwater canyon does just off the shore. Photography is all about capturing light and the more you understand the light, see the light, the more “lucky” we get. Similar to chasing waves and designing boards. It takes years of practice, understanding, observation and time both in the shaping room and in the water to be at the right place at the right time. SOLD

Rob at Teahupoo

Making images underwater is my favorite way to photograph surfing. The energy that you feel as the wave rushes by you is like nothing I’ve ever felt, like riding a wave. This image was made on a windless morning at Teahupoo in Tahiti where Rob surfed for 8 hours. Crystal clear water, wave after wave, he rode tubes over a shallow coral reef made both our sessions extra special. You can see in the frame Rob’s experimenting with a new quad fin setup. SOLD

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