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We gave Tyler Allen - @tylerallenvo and - @selema a simple task… take our REEF x Tipsy Elves holiday slippers and make a commercial. Enjoy a BTS of the film they came back with.

*Directed by: @jasonbergh . Edit: @lieberfilms . VFX: @buildestroy7

Tyler, How did this concept parody come about?

Reef called me a few months back and asked if I would like to be part of A Reef Christmas slipper commercial, and asked if I had any ideas for the piece.

How did you land working with Selema Masekela on this project?

I was on a brainstorm phone call with the people at Reef and told them I’d really like to do a Matrix spoof somehow and if we could get Selema to play Morpheous it would be funny. Shea contacted him and made it happen.

What is it like working with Selema? Do you think he elevates your craft?

Rad and for sure. Sal is the man, always is super encouraging when I talk to em. He's always really motivating, like he believes in me and gives me like a anything is possible kind of vibe, which is especially rad coming from a guy I’ve seen on TV for like 20 years. Working with him was hilarious because he looked so much like the real Morpheous I felt like I was tripping. Could barely keep a straight face lookin at him. Also, he killed it improving and was really fun riffing back and forth with em.

Where do you see yourself going in the future of entertainment?

Idk, doing some more funny skits and voice over/ acting work. Maybe get some more interview guy jobs like a few Ive had in the past…but for sure at least just entertaining my close ones.