Springtime is like beer-thirty on a Friday afternoon: full of promise and hope and getting our fun on with a vengeance. Along with spring comes being outdoors for all the things, so now's the time to find your best spring sandals.

We surfed through all of our customer reviews, our copious amounts of styles, and spring sandals trends for 2022, and we've pared them down to the top 12 picks in several categories. Consider it a little help from your friends at REEF, so you can take a walk on the styled side.

Most Comfortable Sandals

Of course we've got to start here, because ridiculous comfort is what REEF is all about. Topping this category is the men's
Santa Ana
and the women's Cushion Celine, both super comfortable sandals.



When you're ready for real comfort and premium materials, you'll want to catch the Santa Ana. These flip-flops feel amazing, thanks to a textured, contoured footbed, soft vegan leather straps, and high arch support. Santa Anas are the sandals that'll take you from all-day play to that nice restaurant she wants to try.



The women's comfort winner is the Cushion Celine. Made with a soft EVA sole and vegan leather straps, these are all-day comfy thong sandals with cute scalloped details. They're the perfect flat sandals for walking on the beach, date night, and everything in between.

Best Sandals for Vacation

Whether for vacay or stay-cay, a new pair of summer sandals elevates the season. Topping our list for trippy sandals (see what we did
there?) are the men's Fanning Slide and the women's trend leader, the Water Vista.



You might want to stop right here and snag a pair of Water Vistas, because they're super popular and are definitely among the TOP SANDALS trends for summer 2022. With cute espadrille-inspired detailing and an all-one-piece design that's waterproof, these mini platform sandals are the must-haves for vacay.



We took our legendary Fanning, named after surf champ Mick Fanning, and made it a must-have water-friendly slide sandal that's beyond comfortable. A molded EVA footbed with arch support and our famous built-in bottle opener take these poolside slides to next-level awesome.

Best Sandals for Day-to-Night Wear

Don't be that person who has to run back to the hotel or house to switch out your sandals for dinner. Not cool. Luckily we've found the ultimate versatile spring and summer sandals for you. Behold the Pacific LE and Vista Hi.



Find your favorite color and grab a pair of these while you can, because they sell out of stock all the time. With a super cute chunky lug sole, the Vista Hi is one of our all-time best sellers. An amazing genuine cork top liner, full arch support, and soft vegan leather straps make these platform sandals a must-have for spring. Walk in comfort and style, from brunch to beach to beverages with your besties.



We know dudes prefer one or two great pairs of sandals that'll take them around the clock - and possibly the world - in total comfort, so trust the winner of this category, the Pacific LE. A hallmark of outstanding quality, these sandals feature full-grain leather on outlasted straps for pure comfort, along with arch support and a memory foam footbed. From surf check to dinner check, the Pacific LE is multi-talented.

Best Sandals for Party Time

While we're known for our ridiculous comfort, we're also infamous for our built-in bottle openers that grace a select iconic style, the Fanning. These are classic flip flops re-imagined. Get ready: you're about to become a walking happy hour.



We're all-inclusive when it comes to party starters, so the WOMEN’S FANNING boasts all the legendary features of its male counterpart. A molded footbed, amazingly soft water-friendly straps, and the beloved built-in bottle opener on the bottom. You're welcome.



Our MEN’S FANNING is named after surf champ MICK FANNING and encompasses everything awesome about beach life. Comfortable, water-friendly, and party-ready. A molded footbed, soft straps, and bottle opener in the sole add up to ultimate summer sandals.

Best Anti-tantrum Kids Sandals

No blisters, no battles to keep these sandals on little feet. Our top pick in this category is the Ahi, and it's definitely kid-approved.



Made for all-day adventures, the Kids Ahi sandals feature instantly comfy straps and a soft EVA footbed. Rad prints make these even more wearable, all season long.



Rainbows, hearts, pineapples, ice cream, polka dots … they're all prints charming when it comes to the girls’ Kids Ahi. Best of all, soft water-friendly straps and super comfortable EVA footbeds make these an instant favorite.

Most Stylish Sandals for Teens 

We cracked the code for top teen spring and summer sandals. The Phantom and the Devynn are amazingly comfortable, both with a laid-back-yet-on-point style perfect for whatever the mood … including that "whatever" mood.



A compression-molded, comfortable footbed and EVA outsole make the Phantom an obvious choice for easygoing spring and summer sandals. Signature wide soft straps and that REEF style finish the look.



For the beachy fashionista, we designed a FLAT SANDAL WITH A TOUCH OF GLAM. On top of our soft EVA footbed is an antiqued metal detail, making these summer sandals like jewelry for your feet.


If 2020 has taught us anything so far, it’s that life is all about frame of mind. We partnered with @jordi.koalitic because of his unique perspective. Jordi.Koalitic is a creative photography project born from the creative mind of the brothers Jordi and Arnau Puig, two content creators who have created their own style and way of understanding photography reaching millions of people around the world.

  1. How did you get into photography?I started photography when I was 13 years old, although at that time I didn't take it very seriously because I was a kid and I still wasn't very interested in this. I started to take it more seriously when I started again later when I was 20 years old. Then I started studying audiovisual communication and if I started making videos and at the same time taking pictures.

ORIGINAL (ESPAÑOL) Empecé con la fotografía cuando tenía 13 años, aunque por aquel entonces no me lo tomé muy enserio porque era un chaval y aún no estaba muy interesado en este mundo. Empecé a tomármelo más en serio cuando lo enganché más tarde con 20 años, entonces empecé a estudiar comunicación audiovisual y sí que empecé a hacer videos y a la misma vez a hacer fotografías.

  1. What made you look at photography from a different perspective? What was your motivation?I started with photography on Instagram about 4 years ago. For a long time I was seeing other content creators and photographers, and personally I was missing more creative and artistic photography. At that time, there were many street and landscape photography, as there are many photographers traveling and shooting landscapes taking advantage of the instagram “boom”. Personally, I miss a point of madness and mixing things, mixing a landscape with something creative, for example. At that point is where we find a gap, making photography for social networks, and creating artistic content with message and a creative background.

ORIGINAL (ESPAÑOL) Empece con Instagram hace unos 4 años. Durante mucho tiempo estuve viendo a otros creadores de contenido y fotógrafos, y personalmente echaba en falta fotografía más creativa y más artística. En ese momento, habían muchas fotos de “street” y de paisajes, hay muchos fotógrafos que ahora con el boom de Instagram se dedican a viajar y tirar fotos de paisajes. Personalmente me daba la impresión que le faltaba un punto de locura y de mezclar cosas, mezclar un paisaje con algo creativo por ejemplo. Entonces en este punto es donde encontramos un hueco, y aquí es donde nos colamos realizando fotografía para redes sociales más artística y con un trasfondo más creativo y con más mensaje.

  1. Your photos have a perfect blend of creativity and technical ability - how did you learn that balance?The technical capacity comes from video. I started when I was 20 years old, back then I was doing more video than photography, since I made a better living from making video. As a freelance filmmaker, making video pushed me to do a little bit of everything (towards direction, cinematography, art direction, color editing, editing, even editing sound). As I touched all these areas, when I started in photography I realized that I already had them mastered (Colors, composition, light and all these things). Creativity is something that I think I have always had, although it is something that always develops and that over time you learn better.

ORIGINAL (ESPAÑOL) La capacidad técnica viene del video, yo empecé con 20 años, en aquel entonces hacía más video que fotografía, dado que me ganaba mejor la vida haciendo video. Lo que me obligo a hacer el video como freelance filmmaker es hacer un poco de todo (hacia dirección, dirección de fotografía, dirección artística, edición de color, edición, incluso sonido). Como toque todos estos ámbitos, cuando empecé a hacer fotografía me di cuenta que ya los tenía dominados. El arte por ejemplo en la fotografía, los colores, la composición, la luz y todas estas cosas ya las tenía a mano. Y la creatividad es algo que creo que siempre la he tenido, aunque es una cosa que siempre se desarrolla y que con el tiempo vas aprendiendo mejor.

  1. Anything that’s been inspiring you lately?Lately I don't find many things that inspire me, but normally I am visually inspired by movies or TV series. Normally when we take photos we look for the theme, and depending on the theme we use, is easier. For example, now we were talking about doing something against pollution. So since you have already defined the theme you want to work on, it is easier to find creative ideas since you narrow down what you want to do.

ORIGINAL (ESPAÑOL) Últimamente no encuentro muchas cosas que me inspiren la verdad, pero normalmente me inspiro en películas o en series de televisión, cuando me inspiro a nivel visual. Normalmente cuando hacemos fotos buscamos la temática, y dependiendo la temática que usamos es más fácil. Por ejemplo ahora hablábamos de hacer algo en contra de la contaminación. Entonces como ya tienes definida la temática que quieres trabajar es mas fácil dar con ideas creativas dado que acotas un poco lo que quieres hacer.

  1. How do you use photography to maintain positive and up?The type of photography we do is a “Team Work” photography, we are a bunch of colleagues that go to take photos. So the simple fact of going to take photos is something positive, and it is something that we have incorporated into our lifestyle. Last week we went to the beach and we were on vacation, but at the same time we were taking photos, so it is something very organic. it is something that you introduce into your life in an organic way and that does not bother you. It is not like a full-time or part-time job, I don't consider it a job, I consider it a hobby that I like to do and that is very positive for me.

ORIGINAL (ESPAÑOL) Nosotros el tipo de fotografía que hacemos es de “Team Work”, entonces quedamos unos cuantos colegas para ir a hacer fotos. Entonces el simple hecho de ir a hacer fotos es algo positivo, y es algo que hemos incorporado a nuestro estilo de vida. Por ejemplo la semana pasada fuimos a la playa y estuvimos de vacaciones, pero a la vez estuvimos haciendo fotos, entonces es algo muy orgánico, es algo que introduces en tu vida de manera orgánica y que no te molesta. No es como un trabajo a tiempo completo, ni a tiempo parcial, no lo considero un trabajo, lo considero un hobby que me gusta hacer y que es muy positivo para mi.

  1. Do you have advice or words of wisdom for people just learning photography?I think the most important thing is not to quit. When I started , I started doing something different and other people may criticize you because they don't like the style. Whenever you start something new, something that breaks what has already been done, there will be people who will like it and people who will hate it. Many creators are at this point when they post content and get criticized. I recommend that even so, even if they criticize them (because there are many haters) they must not leave it. The key is to be very persistent and spend time and hours on it.

ORIGINAL (ESPAÑOL) Yo creo que lo más importante es no dejarlo. Cuando yo empecé por ejemplo, empecé a hacer algo diferente y otra gente te puede criticar porque no le gusta el estilo que estás empezando. Siempre que empiezas algo nuevo, algo que rompa con lo que ya está hecho, habrá gente que le gustará y gente que lo odiará. Muchos creadores se encuentran en este punto que cuelgan contenido y son criticados. Yo recomiendo que aún así, aunque los critiquen (porque hay muchos haters) que no lo dejen. La clave es ser muy persistente y dedicarle tiempo y horas.