International Women's Day 2021

On #InternationalWomensDay, and everyday, we celebrate the women on our team who have relentlessly challenged the status quo for the change that some day every single day will feel like IWD.

“In all honesty, I have forever challenged things I have considered wrong, or unfair, whether that be inconvenient, or socially acceptable. It takes courage to block out the ignorant, and to steam forward in the passions you have, despite the opinions or judgements of others. Being a woman, hasn’t ever made me feel less likely to achieve in this world. Within myself, it made me more determined, to prove anyone wrong that judges my ability to make change or be successful, and to inspire younger girls to go after whatever it is that they dream of.”- Brinkley Davies

“I #choosetochallenge the world to celebrate, collaborate and encourage women in sport worldwide.”- Coco Ho

“Creating a gender equal world is tough because it means breaking the stereotypes and more importantly realizing that it is not only women who make gender equality possible, but in fact society as a whole. I want my words, actions and thoughts to demonstrate that women can do and be anything they want.”- Victoria Vergara