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A Healthy Letter to you all,

Hey I’m Billy Kemper. If you guys don't know me, I'm a professional surfer and love to eat. I've probably made the most noise in the big wave community. I've recently accomplished winning my fourth title out at jaws. I won a world title in 2018 on the WSL big wave world tour. And I love surfing. I love keeping a healthy and active lifestyle and basically due to what's going on right now in the world with Coved -19. You know, a lot of us are cooped up at home, which we're not used to. I'm personally not used to it. I'm on crutches right now having gone through a pretty harsh injury recently and I'm dealing with doing some physical therapy, but also really just trying to watch my nutrition. It's something that I truly believe is one of the most key and most powerful things in your lifestyle and part of your daily routine.

If you can keep a good, high level nutrition intake, your body's going to perform at a much higher level. You'll recover faster and stronger, and you'll just altogether feel better every night when you go to sleep, putting good food in your body rather than junk food. So today I'm going to walk you guys through my Go too’s. Also, really good tasting, healthy, clean, light breakfast. It's something I eat very consistently, and a lot of people always ask me about what I’m eating as an athlete. What do I eat on game day? What do I eat during competition? If you guys have watched any triple crown events, the live broadcast, I’m always eating out of the bowl in the morning. And that's exactly what I'm going to walk you guys through is what's in that bowl. And it's a mixture between some fresh fruits some sorts of yogurt and like granola, some butters, just a handful of different things that I've found that work great for me.

First, I’ll grab some cinnamon raisin oatmeal from “Fresh & Lean.” It's all organic. Throw on some fresh berries. I'll use some organic raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. I have been using this new yogurt made with cashew milk and I've definitely found some really good benefits using it.

I also have been into this granola that I've recently been hung up on that includes black cocoa chia and its charcoal activated. It's actually black. It tastes amazing and it's really good for you.

When laying out my breakfast, I usually count my macros, so all this is weighed out, but due to not being in contest season, I'm not counting anything and weighing anything out. But I usually do a few scoops of this cashew milk yogurt. Sometimes I'll use Greek yogurt, but recently I've been on this cashew milk and I love it. I feel great. This is Porridge. It's a company. You can get an Erewhon, Whole Foods, any of the health food stores. I throw a little bit of yogurt on there and then I throw a couple scoops of the oatmeal and then I'll do just a handful of blueberries. Everything's pretty evenly matched up. Amounts typically depends on the day for me. Some days I'll go at the oatmeal, some days I'll go with the granola. With contest I mostly stick to oatmeal. I felt like my body performs really well with oatmeal, kind of keeps me filled for a long period of time. I feel like small amounts fill me up a lot. I’ll add a nut-so butter, it's seven different kinds of seeds and nuts. We've got cashews, almonds, Brazilian nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, Hazel nuts, pumpkin seeds, and a little bit of sea salt in there. I’ll add a tablespoon into my oatmeal or canola.

In the end I’ll sprinkle a little bit of this charcoal activated granola on top and that's kind of my daily routine, but also something that I'm consistent with during competition.

So simply in review some black granola, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, a little bit of that nut butter and a couple scoops of some cashew milk, a yogurt or I'll also use like a real clean fat-free Greek yogurt as well. I love Greek yogurt It's not something that I feel really heavy or bloated from and my body reacts really well to it. This is like my kids go to breakfast meal before school. Everyone in my family is caught on to, to my daily routine is, it's kind of like our families. Traditional yogurt bowl every morning, whether it's oats or with a granola.

I know a lot of people who don't eat dairy. I stay away from dairy a lot, but I love Greek yogurt. It's a really clean form of protein with not a lot of fat in it. But like I said, cashew milk as an alternative is good. I have been staying away from dairy during my injury and I'm loving the cashew milk yogurt. You can use other fruit alternatives, like as you guys all know, I'm from Hawaii. I will base my fruit kind of seasonal or what's growing in my yard or what the health food store has in stock or like, let's just say I'm in, in Tahiti for a big swell out at Chopes and I'm probably not going to get blueberries, raspberries and blackberries at the end of the road, but I will get papayas bananas, the, you know, the mangoes, the tropical fruit.

I'm a big fan of the layered superfood line and sometimes I'll throw like some of his turmeric coffee creamer inside of there, or like his performance mushroom blend, sort of like focus and energy. It's got chaga, cordyceps lyons Maine to name a few. Sometimes I'll sprinkle some hemp seeds and it's really all how you feel like, you know, certain yogurts or certain foods or granola is, or oats, roll notes versus steel cuts.

It’s really is all preference on what you feel. And like for me, I'm like, I'm a big CBD user a lot of the times, like a lot of my meals, salads, everything. I'll just grab my seaweed dropper and drops some CBD drops in there, it's tasteless and the only thing it's going to do is benefit you to feel better. I'm, I always reply to direct messages, whether I know you or not love me or hate me. I'll always reply. I just try to give everyone the time of day and, and just really help in any way I can. I’ve asked, so questions in my life to get to where I'm at and I wouldn't have ever had any answers without asking.

Right now, is the time for something like this, like a healthy meal that's really easy and fast to make for whether it's for itself, for children or parents or grandparents. As we all know, not only me, but the entire world is in a little unsettled and somewhat of a scary situation right now. And it's a time to really, you know, pay close attention to our loved ones, be very clean and consider healthy diet and nutrition. It’s going to keep your immune system strong. Lots of antioxidants comes from blueberries, blackberries, raspberries. That's why I use those. I like these small berries because they do have a higher number of antioxidants in them, more the merrier. And also, you know, if you wanted to slice up some tangerines or some oranges, vitamin C is another thing that's going to be huge for us. So just little things with keeping our nutrition nice and tight right now. And you know, if there's any advice I can give, it's, you know, eat healthy, eat clean, stay active. If you are having a hard time staying active being laid out kind of on a couch all day focus on doing little attainable challenges every day. Whether it's pushups or, you know, I set a low goal. If I walked through a doorway every time I walked through that doorway, you know, I'll do five pushups. It's just like a little mental thing to strengthen you. And just challenge you and your household, your family. Maybe it's you got a handful of friends or something and it's maybe throwing a little game where if somebody says this or says the word coronavirus every time you say that word, you got to do 10 pushups. Just make it fun, make it interesting and enjoy every second you have right now with the people whose whoever's under that roof with you, whether it's your girlfriend, whoever it is, you know, your family. Just enjoy this time because once this is all over and we get back to work and use this discipline to exceed and push ourselves to the top.

Have a positive day!

Billy Kemper