COCO is a four-part series of self-discovery. Follow along as beloved Hawaiian surfer, and REEF Ambassador Coco Ho embarks on a comeback campaign to re-qualify for the Championship Tour, she examines how her iconic family shaped her inside and outside the water. 


Coco begins her road to requalification for the Championship Tour. While she battles through the opening event of the Challenger Series, she examines how her iconic family’s legacy has impacted surfing, Hawaii, and her own stellar career at the highest level of the sport.


Coco heads to Ericeira, Portugal for the next event of the Challenger Series. Traveling with a tight crew of friends and family, she focuses on staying present, surfing for the love of it, and enjoying the moment despite the contest not going her way.


With another tough result at the third Challenger Series event in Hossegor, France, Coco looks back at her decade-long career on tour and evaluates her current situation. To reset and recharge before the deciding event at Haleiwa, she heads to Switzerland for some snowboarding and cold-water barrels. 


The season ends where it all began for Coco Ho. Back home in Hawaii with her family, friends, and community behind her, she competes in the Challenger Series finale at Haleiwa to decide whether she will requalify for the Championship Tour. 
Song “Long Story Short” by Zeke Finn (LINK: drops this July