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Casual Boating Sandals and Footwear Perfect for Summer

With winter in the rearview mirror, it’s time to get your wardrobe ready for the warmer weather, days on the water, and trips to the beach. This means finding the right pair of casual boating sandals that can take you from the dock to the deck with ease and comfort. 


We all know what it feels like to know you made the wrong shoe choice mid-adventure. Maybe you start to feel a blister surfacing on your heel, your feet become waterlogged, or you’re slipping and sliding on the deck, keeping you from fully enjoying your boating trip. 


On the flip side, choosing the right boating sandals can enhance your overall experience. In the best-case scenario, your boating sandals are so exceptional that you forget you even have them on!


If you’re looking for a trusted brand of boating sandals, look no further than REEF. We design footwear that offers the comfort and performance you need while on the water, without compromising style or sustainability. 



Key Features to Look for in Boating Sandals

The best boating sandals will have the perfect trifecta of being comfortable, practical, and water-friendly. Of course, you want them to be stylish too, but that isn’t a problem when you’re shopping at REEF. 

Look for boating sandals that are high-quality and reliable. You need to know that your footwear has a good enough grip to keep you from slipping on wet rocks or boat decks and is made from water-friendly materials that maintain performance in wet environments. 

Finding breathable styles should be another priority. You want footwear that allows your feet to dry quickly but doesn’t make your feet feel hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable when they do get wet. 


Top Men's Boat Sandals

Male REEF lovers have some incredible choices for casual boating footwear. Take a look below as we highlight a few of our best-selling sandals to get your closet ready for summer boating adventures. 

  1. REEF Deckhand

  • The Deckhand is a classic choice for men who want a casual boating shoe that’s still high in performance
  • Features deck tech-like siped rubber grooves on the outsole for optimal traction and stability
  • Offers a comfortable and supportive footbed for great traction in all environments
  • Has a water-friendly strap with a quick-dry lining so you don’t sacrifice comfort while on the water
  • Available in 4 classic colors and 4 additional online exclusive shades


  1. REEF Scallywag

  • While technically not a sandall…we couldn’t resist including our favorite water friendly boot: the Swellsole Scallywag. This ankle boot is a highly versatile, wet-weather boot that is just as practical and comfortable as it is stylish.
  • Upper boot made with water-friendly and lightweight molded TPU and soft neoprene lining to keep feet dry in any scenario.
  • Features a premium rubber outsole for better traction and grip on and off the water.
  • Includes a soft EVA insole for optimum comfort and arch support.
  • Available in 4 classic colors and 3 exclusive online colorways.


  1. REEF Santa Ana


  • REEF’s Santa Ana men’s sandal is a long-time customer favorite for both comfort and style.
  • Features a water-friendly vegan leather strap with super soft padded jersey lining.
  • Footbed made from compression-molded EVA with high arch support and superior traction.
  • Has a highly durable rubber outsole with a subtle yet stylish palm frond design on the sidewall.
  • Available in 9 colorways.


  1. REEF Oasis


  • The Oasis sandal is the ultimate water-friendly sandal with exceptional comfort and versatility that any boating enthusiast will love.
  • Straps, footbed, and outsole crafted from injection-molded EVA, with extra support and traction in the footbed for better comfort and stability.
  • Made from sustainable sugarcane EVA.
  • Available in 4 classic colors.



Top Women's Boat Sandals

We have plenty of styles for women to choose from, too. Here are some stylish and practical boating footwear options to consider as you get a head start on your summer wardrobe. 

  1. REEF Water Vista


  • The highly versatile Water Vista sandal is comfortable enough for everyday use and stylish and practical enough for any setting.
  • Features water-friendly straps that dry quickly and an adjustable velcro backstrap for the perfect fit.
  • Has a flexible, espadrille-esque texture for the ultimate style and function on the water.
  • Built with a dual-density footbed for better support and compression-molded EVA outsole for enhanced durability in any conditions.
  • Available in 8 colorways.


  1. REEF Water Scout


  • The Water Scout sandal is a more casual style that’s easy to slip on and off during your next boating adventure.
  • Made from sustainable, injection-molded sugarcane EVA throughout the upper strap, footbed, and outsole.
  • Features espadrille-inspired texture for a fashionable look.
  • Water-friendly and lightweight, so it’s not only stylish but practical and comfortable to wear.
  • Available in 4 colors.


  1. REEF Water Court


  • REEF’s Water Court is a wonderful alternative to the Water Scout if you like the more traditional flip-flop style.
  • Features one-piece construction out of water-friendly and sustainable sugarcane EVA.
  • Has a lightweight build, making it comfortable enough for all-day wear on the water.
  • Excellent arch support and heel cup for maximum support and performance.
  • Available in 3 colors.


  1. REEF Water X Slide

  • From brunch with friends in the morning to boating in the afternoon, the Water X Slide is the perfect choice for any adventure.
  • Versatile and waterproof style for better traction and grip while boating.
  • Made from injection-molded EVA throughout the straps, footbed, and outsole for a sustainable and PVC-free footwear option.
  • Comfortable and cushioned footbed with espadrille-inspired details for maximum form and function.
  • Available in 3 colors.


  1. REEF Santa Ana


  • The women’s Santa Ana is just as water-friendly and fashionable as the men’s style.
  • Features REEF’s best arch support, cushioning, and contouring for all-day comfort for any adventure.
  • Footbed made from bamboo-inspired texture for great traction in any environment.
  • Constructed with durable, vegan leather straps and a soft-padded jersey lining for ultimate comfort and no irritation when wet.
  • Available in 2 colorways.


How to Choose the Right Size and Style

With so many quality designs to choose from, it’s important to consider all your options and select the pair that is best suited for your needs–starting with selecting the right style. Each person has their personal preferences, luckily, REEF offers a variety of styles and colorways so we truly have something for everyone. 


If you’re someone with a leisurely and relaxed approach to boating, you might want to look for styles that are easy to kick on and off–like the Santa Ana, Deckhand, or Water Scout styles. But, if you want a little more protection and stability, you may lean towards styles like the men’s Scallywag or women’s Water Vista. 


Even when you’ve settled on the style you like best, you also need to select the appropriate size so your boating sandals offer the comfort and performance you’re after. Use our convenient size guide to ensure you find the right fit. 


Final Thoughts on Boating Footwear

The best boating footwear should be durable, water-friendly, and comfortable so you can enjoy your boating adventures without fear of slipping or discomfort. In other words, investing in quality boating sandals, like the styles available from REEF, means your footwear will only enhance your boating experience. 


For decades, we’ve been making footwear that’s designed for the beach–you could say it’s in our DNA. Our water-friendly designs offer the top-tier durability and traction that boaters are looking for but are still fashionable and comfortable enough to become your go-to footwear even when you’re off the water. 


To upgrade your boating footwear before the summer, shop REEF today.