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Billy Kemper is coming off a crazy Hawaii winter season so far in 19/20. Winning The Pipe invitational and then straight to Jaws to WIN the Peahi Challenge for the 4th time! It’s an unprecedented achievement so we took a little time to sit down and ask this big wave crazy man a few questions.

1. Many are calling you now the GOAT of Jaws. How do you respond to that?

BK: Haha well thanks to everyone who thinks of me as that. It seems crazy to even consider myself like that but as of right now being 29 years old I believe I still have a lot of work to be the greatest of all time at Jaws.

2. Most people don’t know but you almost won every single event that has been held at Jaws. Except for 1. You got second one year and was 0.10 of a point to victory. What happened the ONE time you didn’t win?

BK: I’m not one to make excuses but in my first heat of the event I took the lip of about a 50ft wave on my head which tore my Labrum in my right hip and a grade 2 tear in my left knee’s Meniscus so going into day two I could barely walk which definitely took a toll on my performance . Along with that I was overly confident and made a mistake on a wave’s scoring potential by giving a closeout to Ian which got him a 6 to take the win.

3. How does preparation contribute to your goals?

BK: For me my preparation is everything, the surfing is the fun part.

4. Do you get scared? Do you use Fear as a tool?

BK: Yes, I get very scared but that’s my addiction, the feeling of fighting fear and turning it into adrenaline is something I can't get enough of.

5. Does having a family motivate you in a way that people can relate to what you do?

BK: If you’re a good father then you know how motivating your kids are, I do everything for them and they are the reason for my success.

6. What do you think the future of Big wave surfing has in store?

BK: Bigger and deeper barrels, the surface is just being scratched...

7. What advice do you have for kids right now who have a dream to do what you do?

BK: Anything is possible when you work harder than you did yesterday and you do it from your heart.

8. What do you want to leave behind once you are finished riding big waves. Your legacy?

BK: I want to be remembered for who I am not for what I've won or accomplished. I want to motive and help the next generation be the best they can be by teaching them the grind, the process of hard work and dedication.