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Before Taylor Knox became known for being one of the best power surfers of his generation, he was just a kid from Carlsbad who loved the ocean.

He had a dream to become a pro surfer. This was starting to look like a possibility as his surfing progressed and he started to win contests. That all changed at age 15 when he was diagnosed with a condition in his back that would require major surgery.wouldever surf again.

After having nine pieces of metal installed, and three vertebrates fused, Taylor knew he had a decision to make. He could either have his mind and body work for him, or against him.

Taylor decided to overcome this challenge through dedicating his life to improving his mental and physical wellbeing.

In Taylor’s own words, “I learned that I was going to have to work a lot harder than everyone else. I went into fitness as much as I could.”

Taylor Knox's age-reversing fitness secrets revealed in 13 custom workouts specifically designed for surfers, by surfers to keep you surfing better, longer… Defy Time.

The ARC Method Course is your surf training VIP pass. You’re invited to join Taylor and his trainer Paul in the home gym where they have spent decades perfecting the exercises to keep Taylor at the top of his craft.

Enroll now and receive 20% off course membership by signing up HERE and using code REEF20 and get 50% off Reef products.

About ARC –

About the course - 3 month fitness curriculum focused on building strength and flexibility where surfers need it the most

Over 60 dynamic exercises are programmed into customized workouts that are designed to build strength and flexibility for your whole body.

Taylor Knox’s ARC Method Course consists of 12 dynamic workouts. Each workout is made up of 6 exercises that focus on building strength and flexibility for where surfers need it most - in the legs, core, and shoulders. These workouts are set to a 12 week curriculum that is proven to show results and give you the tools to defy time and stay physically young.

Each workout consists of 6 exercises that are specifically designed for surfers to strengthen and stretch their legs, core, and upper body.

Along the 12 week curriculum, the exercises will build in length and complexity. That said, week 12 is designed to be as approachable as week 1. The Arc Method course allows you to utilize decades of experience and knowledge to build your surf strength at your own pace.

1 Course

12 workouts

60+ individual exercises