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This month for our Reef ambassador spotlight we are diving deeper to take a look at our amazing ambassador Brinkley Davies. She has been fascinated by the sea ever since she was a child. She was taught to surf by her parents at 4 years old and has surfed ever since. Surfing sparked a desire and connection to nature leading Brinkley to learn how to freedive in her youth. Since then, everything in her life has revolved around her devotion to the sea and passion for wildlife. With a University in education in Marine Biology, Brinkley has represented marine and wildlife conservation on a global level and has inspired many to follow in her footsteps. As a Reef ambassador Brinkley truly embodies Reef’s love for the ocean as well as our desire to educate others on what we can do to preserve the wildlife. We asked Brinkley to tell us about her current endeavours and we are so happy to share them with you below.


2020 was my first year I had sold out retreats booked. These ( due to covid ) have now been moved to 2021, with the hope we can go ahead when international travel opens. My goal with these retreats is to connect people to nature, through experience, in these instances, freediving and surfing. Connecting people to memorable natural experiences promotes a deep respect and passion to protect our wild places, and stories to share once they get home that promote the same message. On top of amazing wildlife experiences, teaching basics around ocean safety, and freediving safety is a passion and something I always naturally teach when I am in the water with people, while always of course, having a whole lot of fun!

Below are the two all inclusive retreats I have planned for 2021


TONGA October 2021 - 1 week with Humpback Whales

My most exciting venture, I am hosting 7 people at a rustic, remote resort off the coast of Tonga, in the South Pacific, for once in a lifetime encounters in the water with Humpback whales. Guided by local captains, and marine biologist onboard, we will be experiencing these animals up close and personal from in some of the most pristine waters on earth. The area is vibrant and full of marine life, offers famous cave systems, and 40 meter visibility in tropical waters. The annual migration of these whales to Tongan waters allows for once in a lifetime experiences with these animals.

The two weeks I am hosting sold out overnight, I have a vision of hosting more in the future like this, here and other locations.

MENTAWAIS SEPT 2021 - Surf and Freediving retreat

A 10 day retreat on an exclusive eco-resort called Awera, located in the Mentawai islands of Indonesia. Breathtaking views of perfect waves, glowing sunsets and friendly Golden retrievers, it's a dream setting for anyone looking for the perfect tropical getaway, or a trip to absorb knowledge from those around you. Above all, it will be a whole lot of fun! You will be surrounded by ocean goers, an amazing chance to meet like-minded friends, and find new passions for the marine world.

I will be re-advertising for the few spots left for this, in early 2021, so please keep your eyes peeled at for all info and pricing. ( new site coming December 2020 )

BANDICOOT - Sustainable Jewellery

Just this year, in August, I launched Bandicoot. A long awaited venture of unique, high quality jewellery designs that are handcrafted, and inspired by my many journeys in the wild over the years. We believe in slow, for the planet — leisure for longevity. Therefore, we choose to navigate the less travelled route of the fashion industry. We produce high quality products from our hands to yours to sustain the natural habitat of creatures big and small.

Bandicoot is committed to minimize environmental destruction through environmentally friendly materials, manufacturing and packaging. We do this by prioritizing ethical practices and supporting certified workplaces. Together we rise for those creatures who cannot share their stories of loss and displacement.

We are active and committed to giving 10% FOR THE WILD. Therefore, we dedicate a larger contribution on behalf of our planet — she is our greatest muse and vital for our existence. We assist all forms of natural habitats in various stages of preservation, regrowth or resuscitation.

Checkout my range - new styles coming very soon for Australian summer HERE


That’s a wrap on this November’s ambassador spotlight. Brinkley is truly a one of a kind and she is doing amazing things for our oceans. We hope you enjoyed learning more about her and all of the awesome projects she’s been working on.