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Makoa Ho | North Shore, Oahu

Makoa Ho, the scion of Hawaiian surfing royalty, stands at the nexus of a family dynasty that has etched its name into the annals of wave-riding history. Born into the legendary Ho clan, with Derek Ho As his father, Makoa shares the lineage with esteemed siblings Mason Ho and Coco Ho, forming a trinity that exemplifies the essence of the Ho family surfing legacy.

Surrounded by the iconic breaks of the North Shore, Makoa's upbringing was a symphony of crashing waves and tales of triumph from his father, the first Hawaiian to be crowned a surfing world champion. Alongside Mason's free-spirited approach to surfing and Coco's trailblazing achievements on the women's circuit, Makoa is part of a family that has become synonymous with the oceanic rhythms of Hawaii. The Ho family dynasty extends beyond the surf breaks, embracing Michael Ho, Makoa's uncle and another surfing luminary. With Michael's influence woven into the family narrative, the Ho legacy becomes a tapestry of generational expertise and an enduring connection to the waves that cradle the Hawaiian islands. Makoa's identity, however, transcends the waves alone. Beyond the lineup, he showcases a diverse skill set that extends to the stills outside of surfing.

Makoa is a multi-dimensional individual, adept not only at mastering the art of wave riding but also in navigating the realms of family, business, and community. In carving his path, Makoa embraces the Ho family ethos — one that cherishes not only the thrill of surfing but also the importance of kinship, stewardship, and a profound connection to the land and sea. As the first REEF brand surfing ambassador, Makoa's environmental advocacy echoes the family's commitment to preserving the oceans. In his endeavors outside the surf, whether it be in business ventures or community initiatives, Makoa Ho is not just a surfer; he is a torchbearer for the Ho family dynasty, weaving together tradition, innovation, and a love for the ocean into a legacy that resonates far beyond the shores of Hawaii.