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Mikala Jones | Bali/Hawaii

Mikala Jones | Bali/Hawaii
In Memory of Mikala Jones
We honor a father, an explorer of uncharted surf, and arguably one of the most barreled surfers on the planet. You made us wonder with just enough healthy FOMO. Mikala made it a priority to preserve and respect these sacred discoveries. At times, when lucky enough to join that coveted surf trip with a personal overzealous Jedi would ask for more info...he would respectfully reply: "Too many questions." You would just have to watch the master at work. Mikala was a surfing savant. An artist ahead of his time painting his canvas on waves like no other. A contemporary surfing POV content creator ahead of his time. Setting a high bar of quality and new angles as you see in the iconic photo above, would never miss that impeccable timing of light. As a longtime Reef family member, our thoughts and peace go out to his family, loved ones and everyone who had the pleasure he came across. 1 of 1 kind of human who lived with gratitude, grace, wisdom and most importantly kindness for all.
Rest in Paradise Mikala Jones. With Love REEF