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Brinkley Davies | Australia

Brinkley Davies | Australia
Growing up on the coast, Brinkley’s initial fascination with the sea was cultivated as a child, since then, everything in her life has revolved around her devotion to the ocean and her passion for wildlife.
Taught to surf by her parents at age 4, Brinkley surfed competitively until the age of 18. The elegant natural footer whose style has been described as “gutsy, and elegant”, realized that the professional contest circuit was not the road for her and went on to study at Flinders University.
Going on to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology, followed by an impressive resume of volunteer work, diving, and boating qualifications. Over the years, she has represented marine and wildlife conservation on a global level and inspired many to follow in her footsteps.
Brinkley explores her passions for the underwater world, waves, and wildlife around the world, while bringing awareness to conservation efforts that are helping to preserve all ecosystems. Brinkley founded a registered charity and environmental Non-Profit, Balu Blue Foundation, in late 2016, Brinkley now focuses on building conservation initiatives within her organization.
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