REEF Commits to the Next Generation of Surfing!

Founded in 1978 in Huntington Beach, CA the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) is known as the “little league of surfing” in America. This organization has become a pivotal part of competitive surfing in the United states and we want to do our part to support the NSSA. We are huge supporters of their goals to grow the youth surfing community through their dedication to competitive surfing as well as education.

Whether it be a professional surfing career or going onto college, the NSSA is there to support the youth through these life changing years and we at Reef want to help. “The NSSA contests are not just about winning a trophy. The events promote sportsmanship, camaraderie and scholastic excellence” – Janice Aragon, NSSA Executive Director. Changing the stigma of surfers being seen as slackers to surfers being competitive aspiring athletes has been one of the main goals of the NSSA since its inception. Their members were and still are required to attend school and maintain passing grades. Surfing and school go hand in hand at the NSSA and we could not agree more.

Here at Reef we have seen firsthand how amazing NSSA grads can truly be. Some of our Global Reef Ambassadors such as Griffin Colapinto, Even Geiselman, and Taylor Knox rose up through the ranks and became NSSA champions. We even have NSSA grads in the office. Mike Losness previous NSSA champion, is our National Sales Director and Shea Perkins NSSA grad, is our Senior Marketing Manager. “Reef feels like it is our duty as a surf brand, and more importantly as an industry, to contribute to the future success of professional surfing and surf industry leadership” – Shea Perkins.

The NSSA hosts about 80 events through out the year taking place on the US East and West coast as well as the beautiful Hawaiian and Caribbean islands. We at Reef have decided to step in to help sponsor the NSSA for the next ten years! We are so excited to provide the NSSA with a greater opportunity to evolve the sport and #BeachFreely.