Let's hear it for the ladies!

To all the heroic, badass, never-take-no-for-an-answer women, we salute you. On #InternationalWomensDay we honor your relentlessness in the face of barriers, obstacles and expectations - which you defy on a daily basis.


“There is a deep strength in knowing your truth, which shines through on the surface as subtle confidence. I’ve always known what I wanted and gone after it. I’m so proud to be a part of a generation of females that are fearless, driven and never afraid of a challenge.”


“I think there’s power in holding your ground and holding your own. I hold my own in the line-up… if I’m next, I know I’m next and I’ll go in front of you if I know I’m next.”


“Experience has taught me in both life and volley that there’s unstoppable strength within every woman. That strength unlocks the moment we realize we have what we’ve been looking for all along… and it’s not our ovaries.”


"I think today being powerful means being yourself. Women tried for so long to surf like guys, even to look like guys. The effortless grace of a woman riding a surfboard is unreachable for men and that’s our strength."