Today, Reef and Surfer come together to create a unique collection of sandals and tees inspired by some of the most famous vintage SURFER covers.

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This collection highlights some of SURFER’s most iconic magazine covers in our latest sandal and tee collaboration.

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MAY 1985 VOL. 26 NO. 5

This image was shot by SURFER photographer Tom Boyle after a treacherous swim through the Ehukai sandbar, described by Tom on page 79 of the issue. The 1984 Offshore Pipeline Masters was a specialty event and was won by California’s Joey Buran. The most memorable moment of the event was the famous “Tom Carroll snap” on a 12-foot Pipe wave. This was back in the days when SURFER was one of the media outlets with World Tour contest info. Back then contest coverage played a large roll in the editorial of the magazine. Shop Now

MARCH 1969 VOL. 10 NO. 1

This issue is full of great features—stories about the legendary 1968 World Contest in Puerto Rico, an Alby Falzon pictorial from Africa and an interview with Australian legend Midget Farrelly. But the shot that got the cover was taken at the 2nd Annual Santa Cruz Pro-am. Some of the world’s best pros would make the yearly trek to Northern California to compete in the event. This specific year, Corky Carroll won the event and earned a prize of $400 dollars. But the much-coveted Surfer Magazine cover was a John Severson shot of a Santa Cruz local. John then added an electric color design around the surfer to enhance the image. Shop Now


This cover image is credited to the legendary SURFER photographer Ron Stoner, but it’s also another classic Severson montage. Stoner shot the great surf image of Lance Carson and Severson shot the setting sun. He sandwiched the two images to create a very powerful, striking image that has become one of SURFER’s most memorable and iconic covers. Shop Now

WINTER 1961 VOL. 2 NO. 4

This was SURFER’s fifth cover, back when it was a quarterly titled “The Surfer”. At first glance, the image looks like one of those early Waimea images, but was actually shot in Huntington Beach during a surf contest in 1961. This was the first of many artistic creations by Severson to grace the cover of the magazine. He would add color and design to make the black and white surf images pop on the cover. The shot reappeared on the cover of the photo annual issue in 1964, which was a testament to how great they thought the shot was. Shop Now


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