Reef Redemption - Rob Machado Eco Board

Recently, REEF Redemption collaborated with Pacific Panel Products to recapture the waste foam material from the retail fixture production process and recycle it to be transformed into an eco-friendly surfboard, with help from Sustainable Surf and Marko Foam. Reef Ambassador, Rob Machado teamed up with the group to create two boards that would open people’s eyes to the strength, durability and performance capabilities of a craft made entirely from recycled and eco-conscious materials. Rob and the team successfully shaped a surfboard made from our post-industrial trash that rivals virgin based surfboards in quality, aesthetics, performance and durability… It’s the first of its kind, setting the standards for others to follow. To learn more go to

Reef Redemption - Project WOO

This past September, Reef Ambassador Cyrus Sutton joined fellow Ambassador Tia Blanco and the Reef Redemption crew to learn more about Project WOO (Project Wave of Optimism) and lend a hand with some of their community building efforts in Playa Gigante, a town near the famous break of Playa Colorado.

"Nicaragua is a place of stark contrasts,"says Cyrus, Reef Ambassador. "Ranked the 2nd poorest Central American nation next to Haiti, the people here have very little. Your average town consists of brightly painted wood shacks lining dirt streets and pigs digging through trash piles looking for spare food scraps while people walk slowly around town and lay in shaded hammocks. In attempts to build positive relations within the community, Bo Fox, along with his fellow Project Woo volunteers, are employing Peace Corps techniques to distribute foreign aid supplied by first world benefactors. Through town meetings and other democratic processes, the locals determine where and how the outside money gets invested into their town. I decided to educate myself and others in Southern California on how to live more sustainably rather than impose our well intentioned, exploitive and consumptive culture onto people who I’ve learned have far more to teach us about living on the planet than vice versa. By listening to the locals, Project Woo started a school bus that takes the kids in town to better schools, has built a town medical clinic, teaches at the local primary school and gives surfboards to kids who prove themselves to be stewards of the community. During my trip with Reef Redemption and Project WOO, we painted the classrooms inside and out, and had the opportunity to participate in community engagement activities fishing with the local fishermen, teaching English classes at the school, teaching the girls of the community how to surf, and meeting with the local waste management and recycling program." 
- Words by Cyrus Sutton

For more info on Project WOO go to

About Reef Redemption 

As a global surf lifestyle leader, Reef has a deep appreciation for the natural world, and our Reef Redemption program reinforces our commitment to preserving it. Reef Redemption is the brand's stance on employing what we believe to be environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible business practices. We may be Just Passing Through, but we're not doing it without a conscience.

Culture of Giving

The final piece of our Reef Redemption program is giving back our time and financial resources to support humanitarian an environmental causes. Every Reef employee is granted paid time off to volunteer at a non-profit organization of their choice.


In-House Efforts

Reef is committed to reducing our carbon footprint at our world headquarters through various methods ranging from paperless meeting policies and a ban on disposable plastic water bottles to utilizing solar tubes and energy-efficient lighting.