Violet Jones- Medusky

What is ALS?

This short film shares the life of Reef Ambassador Mikala Jones and family and the journey and story of his courageous Mother Violet Jones- Medusky, the effects ALS has on people diagnosed as well as family, friends, and caretakers. ALS Ohana of Hawaii raises money to help those with ‘Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS).

FOR EACH REEF EXPERIENCE T-SHIRT MADE in HO17’, REEF HAS DONATED $1 to the ALS Ohana of Hawaii. Made possible with the latest efforts of WeHeart in partnership with Mikala Jones.

Learn more and how you can support and donate, go to: http://www.alsohana.org/donate/

A Warrior Spirit

Mikala tell his story on ALS

In May 2004, Violet Jones-Medusky was diagnosed with ALS. Vi was well known in Hawaii’s running/triathlete community having completed three Ironman triathlons as well as numerous other races.  Throughout her life with ALS, Violet was very active in Hawaii’s ALS community putting together numerous fundraising and ALS awareness programs. Upon her passing due to ALS- related circumstances in March 2011, funds from her estate were used to found ALS Ohana of Hawaii, as she had requested.

Mikala Jones and sister Malia

Mikala and his lovely sister Malia.

Photos of mom

Mikala reflects on some amazing memories of his dear Mother Violet

Currently, Jan (Husband of Violet, Father of Mikala), along with other family members, are actively involved in the drive to provide better care and support for those with ALS and their families. 

Mikala and brother Daniel Jones

Mikala and Daniel Jones in their Back yard (Front yard) overlooking their childhood surf spot at Rocky point on the North Shore of Oahu.

morning rainbow

Morning Rainbows and Chihuahuas

Mikala's home in Oahu

Mikala and Violet’s home on Oahu

Learn more and how you can support and donate, go to: http://www.alsohana.org/donate/