Five unexpected things to pack this Spring Break

You already know you’re a packing pro: Sunscreen? Check. Snacks? Of course. Sandals? You’re five steps ahead of us. But as we Spring back into beach season, there are some important, less tangible things to keep in mind as the temperatures start to rise and days get longer.

Spring Break is all about taking a pause from your daily routine to celebrate a new, sunnier season alongside the people who make you smile. While delicious snacks and the perfect beach attire will make for a good vacation, this unexpected packing check list will make it great.

1. Acceptance

valentines day

Love for yourself and all the things that make your family your family (the good, the bad and the ugly) are important things to bring with you on your Spring Break getaway. Don’t stress about how that bikini looks or getting the perfect family picture. Spring Break is all about letting loose and enjoying the sunshine, so what better time to let go of judgement and simply accept and appreciate yourself and your people for all that they are.

2. Playfulness

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You’re under some pressure to keep everything running smoothly—we get that—but make sure to pack some playfulness as you set off on your beach getaway. It’s OK to let loose and embrace the youthfulness all around you. Build that sandcastle, eat that giant ice cream cone and play in the waves. Worst case scenario: you have a little fun.

3. Patience

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Rule number one of vacations is that something always derails your plans a little. Whether it be a flight delay, sick kiddo or unforecasted rainy day, stuff happens beyond your control no matter how much planning you do ahead of time. If you pack up a healthy dose of patience, these unexpected, inevitable bumps in the road won’t look so bad after all. Bringing patience along can magically transform any situation into an opportunity to have fun.

4. An Open Mind

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New adventures await around every corner. Packing an open mind will help you feel confident enough to take more steps outside your comfort zone and collect more cherished memories. Even though it can be hard to take the leap, the most rich experiences are spontaneous, off script and brand new. Whether you’re simply trying a new restaurant or exploring a different beach than usual, try opening your heart and mind to these everyday adventures.

5. A Free Spirit

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The beach wants you to let go of expectations and seize the moment. The beach gives you permission to lay in the sand, soak up the sun and simply exist with no worries. Pack a free spirit to use this vacation as a chance to recharge and rejuvenate. You will feel the stresses and worries of life melt away one sandy smile and salty embrace at a time.