Tutti Nieves, local artist and surf enthusiast, shares her daily inspiration.

Sormarie Tutti Nieves

I moved to California from Puerto Rico when I was just fifteen years old. I came to attend school for a semester and for a change of pace.  I completely fell in love with Southern California - the waves, the beach, the culture - and never left. At age fifteen, my parents trusted me and let me set sail.

Tutti in the driver seat

Much of my inspiration and passion comes from my home and family back in Puerto Rico. 


My artistic inspiration comes from my Mom. She’s an incredible artist and I grew up watching her express herself through many different mediums of art. She loved to paint, sew, and simply create, which transferred over to me at a young age.

Tutti's artwork
Tutti's jewelry

There’s something very special about sitting down to design an idea. Making it come to life with your own two hands is such a unique experience. You really have to think things through, trust yourself, and use your imagination for it to come together.  I can’t think of a more challenging and rewarding process. The process is the journey and the journey is art. 

Tutti surfing

Those artistic roots also play a part in my surfing. My older sister pushed me into my first wave at age 13 at a beach called, Pine Grove in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. Surfing is just one of the many artistic ways I choose to express myself.

Tutti gliding on a wave
Style is everything