#travelingchados: A family that travels together stays together

Rob Machado and his family
Loading up the Machado camper van
Rob Machado and his son Jaxton surfing

How has traveling the world shaped you as a father?

Traveling has shaped me as a human being more than anything and that trickles down to parenting most definitely. Being able to submerse myself into other cultures and learn the utmost respect for the values to which others hold true is one of the greatest educations that you can pass along.

Rob Machado
Rob Machado in the drivers seat

Has technology been a positive being a traveling pro surfer as it relates to keeping in touch with your family? 

Technology has its pluses and minuses for sure. When we travel, I choose to not stay connected at all times. I want my family to be present wherever we are and to understand and appreciate the cultures that we are surrounded by. If that means only being able to connect via WI-FI then that's all good. It's not good to be connected all the time. I will say that it comes in handy at times. The idea of being able to watch a movie at any given time is pretty amazing for the young ones...especially when you are on long flights with long lay overs.

Technology at it's finest

What does #travelingchados mean to you? How did it come about? 

Traveling has been a part of my life since I can remember. My parents were nomads and they bounced around the world constantly.  I was born in Australia because they thought it was a cool spot to chill. My mom is British so I remember going to England at a very young age. We moved to California when I was young and found North County... 

I started traveling for surfing when I was 12 and haven't stopped since. I've been lucky enough to see quite a bit of the world and ride quite a few waves along the way. I think my wife came up with the #travelingchados. In this day and age of social media, it's just a cool way to have some fun with it all. We travel and we are the Machado's.

The Machado family hanging out in the back of the van

Documenting your travels with your family. How important is this? 

I love documenting everything we do. We are so lucky in the sense that we get the opportunity to go to such amazing places, it's hard not to document it all.

Rob and Jaxton taking a Polaroid
Collage of polaroids

Tell us about Traveling with your family? Joys, challenges? 

The joys are endless - going new places, visiting old friends, experiencing different cultures, food, waves, etc...  The best part is being able to share all of the things that I've been able to do in my life with my family and watch their eyes light up. Everything has it challenges but traveling can definitely test you in the deepest ways. Staying healthy for me is one of the most important things. There's nothing worse than being sick in another country. Long flights for the little ones can be hard. Jet lag...it's hard to explain to a 2 year old that its not time to wake up when he's wide awake at 3 am.

Family photos

Tell us the story about your son Jaxton and his tent bed? 

We've been trying to transition Jaxton out of his crib and into a bed, but we were having a hard time trying to figure out the best way to go about it. One day, I randomly pulled my tent out and set it up in the living room so he could play in it and use it as his "fort". Well, he immediately fell in love with the tent and even started talking about sleeping in it.  So I asked him if he wanted to sleep in his tent one night and he got so excited. That was it. I broke down his crib and in went the tent. He loves it. Soph says, "well, he is the Drifter's son."

Jaxton in his tent bed
Jaxton, Sophie and Rob

What advice would you have to other family's looking to travel with their families?

Planning ahead is always the key. Knowing exactly what you are walking into with no surprises definitely helps everything run a bit smoother. Organizing your travel with a travel agent or speaking directly with the airline has always been really helpful. Making sure that everyone knows whats going on and what to expect. Most of the time, airlines will make sure that you have seats all together and sometimes they even have special seating reserved for families traveling with young ones. Preparation for long travel days can make or break you. You can only hope that everything goes smooth and that you have no delays, missed flights, or long layovers. Traveling with some healthy snacks in case food is limited is crucial.  Always nice to be able to put some familiar food in the belly to avoid getting "Hangry".

Load up!

How does traveling change as the kids get older?

As kids get older they just naturally become more independent, which really helps when traveling. I remember being on flights with my daughters and they would go for walks and come back with snacks and coloring books and all kinds of stuff. And now a days with the built in tv screens in every seat, kids can watch movies the whole flight. It's amazing. 

How do you plan your locations? Kids opinion? Other?

When the kids were little, I was definitely a little selfish when it came to picking locations. But my logic was that I wanted to take them to places that I had already been where I knew they would love and be comfortable. As my kids have gotten older, I definitely take into consideration their travel desires.

Kisses for dad!

What do you pack? Essentials?

It really depends on where you are going. I'm generally a light packer. I try to keep it simple especially if I am going to the tropics. You really don't need much. My son ran around in Bali for 3 weeks and barely ever had clothes on. If you are in the tropics, don't mess around with the bugs. Bring some light thin layers that you can wear when the sun goes down...long sleeves and long pants. always come prepared for mosquitos. You don't want to get eaten by the mozzie's. There is some really great all natural bug repellent out there now a days. Small first aid kit with some essential oils.

Jaxton and Rob getting ready to surf
Jaxton and Rob ready to paddle out

Does your family motivate you to travel to new locations? Or in other words, what motivates you to travel with your family?

I love to take my family and give them the opportunity to experience some of the places that I've been able to experience. There's such a big world out there, and I would love to be able to see as much as I can and do it with the people I love.

The Machado Family
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