Mason Ho

Turkey dinner for one? Opening presents from yourself? Solitary egg hunts? No, no, no. Holidays are NOT meant to be celebrated alone. And this holds true for International Surfing Day.

So, Reef and Surfline invite you to spend the day with us. This Saturday (June 15th), we’ll be riding waves around the world, cleaning up beaches, and bringing the entire global surfing community together for one happy day. There’s no RSVP necessary. Just pop in on Instagram @REEF or @SURFLINE any time throughout the day and we’ll be following the sun and sharing stories from around the globe.

Want to bring a dish? Get involved? Yes, please.

Just post your own ISD photos and video clips, tag @reef and @surfline and include the hashtag #surffreely — we’ll repost you on our feed as well as in our “around the world” celebration video.

International Surfing Day was founded in 2005 by the Surfrider Foundation as a means to connect our global community and bring awareness to our environmental issues. There’s nothing to buy. No incomprehensible mascot (though, if there were, we’d nominate Mason Ho). All you have to do is GO SURFING and —hopefully — do something good for the oceans.

Beach Freely SURF FREELY