How To Beach Like Super Dad, Billy Kemper

You may know him as Billy Kemper, Hawaii native and big wave connoisseur. But while he can rock a big wave like no ones business, he also juggles dad and husband duties like a pro. Lucky for us, Billy has given us some tips on how to beach like a super dad.

1. How do you balance your job and all the training and prep it entails with your family?

Honestly, I gotta tip my hat to the wife for giving me the time for preparation and practicing. Without her support and motivation my life wouldn’t be the same.

2. If you had advice for first time Dads and their lads, what would it be?

Congrats, welcome to the best part of life.

3. What should you always be aware of that maybe some people overlook at the beach, safety, caution?

The sun, always protect yourself and family by using good reef friendly sunscreen! Also would be awesome to see more people picking up trash and keeping the beach’s cleaner.

4. What are some beach hacks for rad dad’s out there?

Beach’s with showers will save you.

5. What does a successful beach day look like with the kids?

Smiles, safety, and health. Truly all that matters to me.

6. If you had to compare being a father to Big wave surfing and would you compare or correlate the 2 in similar or interesting ways so someone could articulate?

Very similar, both are the most stressful and exciting things in my life. Spending time with my kids is like a never ending dream barrel at Jaws.

Super dad like Billy Kemper