Who better to feature in a series about nomadic travel than a man who’s been known as The Drifter for nearly a decade? Rob Machado breezes through airports, drizzling his silky waveriding approach at beaches all over the world. Here, the goofyfooter (who came painfully close to being a world champ when he was still competing) lights up some French beachbreaks with fellow Momentum icon Taylor Knox. Things to note? At 43, Rob still absolutely rips, and looks more electrified on that Firewire twin fish than ever. Stab suggests that he'd still fare very, very well on the World Tour. And, Taylor is surfing better now than when he was competing. It seems that Taylor has come to enjoy his post-tour years. You watching yet?

-Words by Stab Magazine

This is the 3rd film from the Red Eye travel series with Stab