The Most Interesting Man // Rip Zinger

Rob Machado and Rip Zinger

We recently caught up with Reef Ambassador Rob Machado to get the scoop on "the most interersting man," Rip Zinger.

Rob Machado and Rip Zinger

Who is Rip Zinger to you? 

Before I met Rip I knew who Rip was. We had so many mutual friends but for some reason our paths had never crossed. He was really dialed in with the skate world. I'd heard stories about him and how he had been couch surfing for the past 10 years or something, documenting it all. Working on different projects here and there. Hang out with Rip for a minute and you will realize that he knows everyone and everyone loves him. His energy for life is contagious and being around him makes you want to try and keep up. Just stoked to be alive and a part of whatever is going on around him. 

Rob Machado and Rip Zinger snowboarding
Rob Machado, Rip Zinger and Gerry Lopez

How did you meet?

I flew to Bali to be a part of Gerry Lopez's yoga/surf retreat he was having in Bali.  When I showed up, there was this very energetic Japanese guy cruising around with a camera.  I jumped in the ocean on an old Alaia that I found laying on the side of the house and went out and caught a few waves. When I came in he was even more excited now and wanted to shoot some photos of me and my piece of wood. We spent the next 10 days hanging out with Gerry and his family and we traveled to G land, but I never really saw Rip surf. Finally the day came along. The waves were small and the tide was right so I grabbed rip and dragged him out to ulu's.  I've never seen anyone learn how to surf so fast.  Within a half an hour he was going down the line and trying to do some turns. It was crazy.  The other crazy part was that he just learned how to swim!! So now we hang out in crazy places all over the world.  Japan, USA, INDO, etc. surfing, snowboarding, shooting photos and videos.  

Rob Machado with an alaia surfboard

Tell us about your trip together in Japan. 

Japan is amazing all by itself but going to Japan with Rip is even more amazing. It's his world.  He knows everyone everywhere and everything that's cool going on. Some really cool underground shit that you would never see. We got to spend a good 3 or 4 days getting lost and finding some gems. Best food ever. 

Rob Machado wear Reef Voyage boots
Rob Machado
Rob Machado on the subway in Japan

How crazy was it riding bikes in the heart of Shibuya? How did that come about?

We had to be at a lunch and we had some time to kill so Rip says "follow me...let's get some bikes."  I assumed we were gonna rent some of those city bikes or something... but we roll down this back street and there's this super cool little bike shop.  And Rip says "this is my brother..."  what!!! I didn't even know you had a brother.  We hang for a few and next thing I know we're hoping on some dope bikes and heading out into the streets of Shibuya.  It was all time.  We mostly rode on the side walks and we would just stop on a dime, jump in a store for 2 minutes and then off to the next.  There's no theft in Japan so you can leave your bikes anywhere.  We covered so much ground in a  couple hours and saw so much.  Lunch never tasted so good.

Rip Zinger & Rob Machado
Rob Machado riding a bike in Japan