Meet emerging band Tuft. We tuned into their music, and asked the band about their adventures on tour, and where they are #justpassingthrough. Check it out and be sure to listen to their new album, Look Look.

What's your favorite #justpassingthrough location from being on tour?
We did a US tour this past month and each section of the country provided its own sort of wonder. Overall, we've had some great experiences in New Mexico: White Sands is a sight to behold, and crowds in Las Cruces and La Luz are always super friendly and hungry for music. We played a show in Albuquerque this past trip during a windstorm. Everyone was cozy inside with tea, and we made some nice memories together.

What's your fashion style on stage?
We want to feel comfortable, and bring that vibe to people at the show. On-stage fashion for us mainly boils down to expressing that we're a unit making something together.

Do any of your surf? What’s your favorite outdoor activity?
We're mostly transplants to LA, so we haven't become surfers yet, though we have adopted the Shaka handsign to let people know when we're chill. For a oneness with nature fix, we'll explore the LA river, hike in Griffith Park, walk through Arlington Garden in Pasadena, or sometimes even make the journey to Pirate's Cove in Malibu. 

What's your favorite tour memory as a band?
We played Doe Bay Fest on Orca's Island (in the San Juan Islands) last summer. We camped all weekend. It was a beautiful place. We saw a bald eagle catch a fish. The last day we played a show barefoot in the sand while people loaded on a ferry to go home. 

Do you have any fashion influences?
Our main guideline for fashion is: simple and comfortable with pockets in all the right places. 

Photo credit: Simeon Beardsley