Our #ReefTourTales series takes us on the road with our favorite artists just passing through on tour and creating new sounds and experiences. This week Reef Tour Tales presents In the Valley Below, an LA-based duo known for crafting stylish blasts of dark electro-pop, and most known for their hit “Peaches.”

Tell us about “on the trail”- What inspired this?
It’s a nice tie in to Reef’s #justpassingthrough mentality, traveling to multiple locations, never staying too long in one place, but tasting the beer and experiencing the culture along the way.

Opening the fridge backstage is usually a pleasant surprise, we always ask for local beer. So we wanted to share our epicurean pleasures. We get maybe an hour of free time in a lot of cities we visit, so we taste the beer and eat the food.

Based in Southern California, do you get to the beach very often?
We try when it's warm enough to get in the water. Catching a sunset with sand in hand.

What’s been your favorite stop so far?
New Orleans, Prague or Paris. There is a dark, warm beauty to those places. 

Tell us about life on the road. Aside from trying beer, what kind of adventures do you get into on tour? What’s been the most memorable?
Life on the road is mostly life in the van. It's a twisted take on tourism. We base our opinion of any given city on the volume of the audience's hand to hand approval.  We have had fans dress up as us, standing in the front row.  It's very strange to sing songs to your own doppelganger.  

Who are some of you current favorite bands or artists?
Omniflux, Spoon, Bowie

What is the strangest thing you’ve encountered on the road?
Plus-size models hitting on our drummer then immigration officers taking our sound guy in the same night. El Paso.

What are you guys currently up to?
We're holed up in our studio working on our next record.  It's going to be a double-album synth-rock opera/ballet about the Paleolithic.