Our #ReefTourTales series takes us on the road with our favorite artists “Just Passing Through” on tour and creating new sounds and experiences. This week Reef Tour Tales presents The Heirs, LA-based band marked by their pop-rock/ dance-pop/ electro-pop sounds that represent a generation while transcending age demographics. We got caught up with brother and sister Brandon and Savannah Hudson for a look at life on the road with the band.

What’s your go-to getaway?
Malibu is our favorite beach! We had just played a show the night before at the Constellation Room in Orange County and stayed up a bit too late because of an impromptu after-party at our house. Anyways, we all snuck out to the beach the next morning because we had a much-needed day off. We swam and hung out by the water all the way through to the evening. It was perfect.  

Is there any one particular place that inspired the writing behind your current songs?
Since we've been living in LA for the majority of our lives, we've really learned to take everything in and write our surroundings into melodies. California really is such a beautiful place that many amazing memories and experiences have taken place inspiring many songs.

How does your lifestyle of “Just Passing Through” show up in your music?
We've written a lot on the road as well. New atmospheres allow us to push our comforts and create new things. 

Do you have any personal music icons?
So many, our tastes as a band is really eclectic. We listen to so much music from rock to electronic to alternative to 80s pop. I think we all can collectively agree on David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks. People that pushed the boundaries.

What is your most memorable adventure on the road?
Ugh, there are so many amazing, hilarious and unforgettable moments...
We recently just got back from Cleveland Ohio for a quick, one-off-show. There was a blizzard and we've all never experienced that before. We roamed the city and caused a ruckus in the bitter cold snow and listened to music. We all caught colds when we got home. It was totally worth it though. 

What do the next six months look like for you?
Lots and lots of touring! We just left on tour with The Big Pink for a month and played SXSW Music festival and then lots more traveling over the summer. oh and everyone, make sure to stay tuned, lots of new content and music to come soon!