Our #ReefTourTales series takes us on the road with our favorite artists just passing through on tour and creating new sounds and experiences. This week Reef Tour Tales presents CRUISR, a Philadelphia based band of dancey, melodic indie pop with an 80’s new wave vibe. We got caught up with singer/songwriter Andy States for an exclusive look at life on the road.

What does “justpassingthrough” mean to you?
“Just passing through" embodies a nomadic way of living without ever stopping, and it puts emphasis on living in the current moment without dwelling too much on the past, or worrying about the future.”

Tell us about life on the road. What kind of adventures do you get into on tour? What’s been the most memorable?
Life on the road is more often than not a lot of rushing to get somewhere and then waiting. You don't get a ton of time to go out and have fun but when it happens you make the most of it. We've visited some pretty strange road-side attractions. We've invented our own sports that we play at rest stops. Some of the best memories we've had have been days where we've been able to go explore, go on a hike, or just sit on the beach. You learn to appreciate those moments because you spend so much time indoors and in the same type of environment night after night.

What’s your go-to snack when you get the road trip munchies?
Five-dollar pizza and Reese's Sticks from 7/11.

Based in Philly, what are your top recommendations for a traveler #justpassingthrough?
Hop on the el into west Philly and check out Steve Power's series of murals entitled "A Love Letter For You". There are 50 different little love notes and they're all beautifully executed and totally charming. There's some really great hidden stuff too. You can sneak up onto the old abandoned via-duct (although you may get arrested for trespassing) and there is a little spot called the graffiti pier; a run-down old pier covered in graffiti. Other than that Philly has amazing food. Dalessandro's has the best cheesesteak and the budino at Barbuzzo is the best dessert you'll ever eat.

Are you performing at any festivals this year? Which one is your favorite?
We've been filling up our schedule this summer with tours we're really excited about, which means we likely won't be available to play many festivals this year. In the past our favorite has been Hangout Fest, how can you beat a festival right on the beach? 

How did the band come together?
The band started as a bedroom project. I had a bunch of songs that I had released online and it started to garner some attention. It was only after talking to a few labels that I was convinced to actually put a band together and play the songs out. I knew Jon (drums) from college and he pulled in Kyle (bass), who he worked with at the time. We later met Bruno (guitar) after playing shows around Philly.

Which one of your songs do you most recommend for a dance party mix?
I'd say “Go For It” is the most worthy of playing at a dance party.

Listen to “Go For It” here...