#ReefAdventureSeekers Rachel and Josh Shankle, AKA Voyages of Agape, sailed the British Virgin Islands for two weeks. They charted a catamaran for 10 days of sailing, exploring, diving and hiking. Checkout why the British Virgin Islands are one of their favorite places to travel during the winter:

1. Warm wind and water! It was so much fun getting to sail in the warm tropical trade winds that blew 25 knots day and night! Even when little squalls blew through, the rain was warm. A nice change from the cold sailing in Southern California winter.

2. Diving! Snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving are always some of our favorite activities and on this trip we spent every day in the water. Swimming with turtles and reef sharks, over shipwrecks and through cool underwater caves. The BVI’s are a great spot to dive since they have made several marine parks and conservation areas.

3. Hiking. Each day we’d sail to a different island, anchor and hop off the boat to swim and explore the island. Hiking to little look-outs or swimming holes was always an adventure!

4. Motor bikes! Half way through our trip we sailed to the most northern island of the BVI’s called Anegada, and the only inhabited island that is made of coral and limestone of the mostly volcanic island chain. There we rented scooters to explore the island. We found little dirt roads leading to pristine white sand beaches, lagoons with pink flamingoes and searched for the island iguanas. 

5. Family time! The one thing we’ve realized over the years of traveling is that when experiences are shared, they mean so much more. Not only do experiences matter, but so do relationships! This trip was such a sweet experience with family and will be a memory we will always cherish!

From the deck of the boat into the town, the Reef Rover Hi sandals are Reef Adventure Seeker Rachel’s favorite pair for a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands.

1. Easy. They are quick and easy to put on! No buckles or ties, make them perfect for when on the go.

2. Light-weight but secure. Perfect for jumping out of the dingy and on to the beach. 

3. Comfort! These sandals were great for a long day exploring the town or the off beaten trail.

4. Pack easily. They are the perfect travel sandal, they fold down and pack down perfectly in my purse or my travel bag.

5. Super cute! They are simple but chic, making the black Reef Rover HI my favorite sandal for either a night out on the town or a day on the beach.

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