Reef Adventure Seekers are always Just Passing Through. From Sri Lanka to Baja, and up the coast to Big Sur. This time, our Reef Adventure Seeker crew hopped aboard “Agape” and sailed to a group of islands off the coast of California. Logan Rauhut documented the journey to and around the islands with Josh and Rachel Shankle, aka, Voyages of Agape and Anna Ehrgott. 

A moody sky and a light south wind gave us a smooth five hours of sailing giving us just enough time to coffee-up before going slightly stir crazy. 

After Watching Josh and Rachel drop anchor, I took a quick dip taking a few photos of the boat, only to come up to pizza. 

A filling lunch was followed by a boat row to the island and we were instantly transformed into island foxes running about looking at flowers and views. 

Our hiking led us to a serene little cobble stone beach where we hammocked and relaxed for maybe just a little bit too long. 

As the afternoon grew late, we raced back to the skiff enjoying the setting sun and cool breeze. I toe dragged my rippers through the mud, clearly outpaced by the athletic crew. 

Back on the boat meant veggie curry and photo editing, something I was glad to do after struggling to keep up on the hike.  

A long night of sleep rocked by the ocean’s sway gave plenty of energy and pep for the morning dive and swim. 

A mid day paddle and swing under the pier brought pure relaxation and left us thanking the island for the amazing weekend. 

A beach clean up felt obligatory after the joy it had provided. On our way off the island we had a quick visit and goodbye with a playful and curious island fox.