Reef Adventure Seeker // Anna Ehrgott's Backyard

Anna Ehrgott

Reef Adventure Seeker Anna Ehrgott is always chasing adventure— from Baja to Greece and everywhere in between— but once in a while, on a full moon, we'll catch her in her hometown of Topanga Canyon.

Check out what life is like in Anna's backyard of Southern California, and what adventures she finds right at home.

Full moon
Beachside in Los Angeles with Anna Ehrgott

Sagebrush Board Bags

When I’m at home, I like to spend time on Sagebrush Board Bags: I make earth-friendly board bags from coffee bean sacks and vintage fabric. Each one is different, but all have the common theme of using what already exists to make a long-lasting product designed to protect surfboards.

Hand made Sagebrush surfboard bag by Anna Ehrgott
Anna's sewing machine

I buy the fabric from vintage upholstery stores in Downtown Los Angeles.

The stores I frequent are nestled between skid row and the financial district’s skyscrapers. I’ve never been a city person, but buying fabric there is one of my favorite things to do. There is a ton available, and I get so much inspiration just imagining all the possibilities of working with different types of fabric. 

Anna fabric shopping in downtown Los Angeles

Malibu is my favorite wave in the world, hands down.

I love traveling and want to see/surf every corner of the planet, but this has always been the place I want to come home to. Crowds? We got em. Inconsistent Winters? Yup. Worth it for a 100 yard wave? Definitely.

Anna jumping for joy at Malibu in her Reef Voyage sandals
Anna Ehrgott surfing at Malibu
Anna Ehrgott at Malibu

A network of hikes run along the ridges of the Santa Monica Mountains.

There are days worth of trails and an impressive amount of wildlife despite the proximity to the city. Sandstone Peak is the highest point in the range, and my favorite hike in the area. We reached the top as the sun set and the full moon rose!

Anna Ehrgott hiking in the Santa Monica mountains
Moon rise in the Santa Monica mountains


I got my pup, Gemma from a kill shelter in Downey, CA. She’d come in as a stray and had been at the shelter for two weeks. I feel like a weird, overly-proud dog-mom, but taking her home four years ago was the best thing that ever happened to me. Having a full-time hiking buddy who loves cuddling, surf checks, sunbathing and peanut butter as much as me is hard to beat. She’s wild and full of love and will stop at nothing to steal your heart.

Anna Ehrgott and her dog Gemma
Anna Ehrgott and Gemma

My house is shaded by oak trees and backed up against an undeveloped hill.

We gets lots of wildlife coming down to the property.  I have my animals, garden, countless trailheads and waves just down the road. It’s easy to get reclusive here, just hide out in the natural sanctuary with everything I need at arm’s length. Everything gets put in perspective here. Finding a balance of work, nature, surf and friends flows as naturally as anything else in the canyon. Every time I come back here, I appreciate it even more.

Anna Ehrgott and her surfboards
Surfboards and the new Reef Voyage sandals
Anna taking a cruise on her bike
Spring flower bloom in California. Anna showing off her Reef Voyage sandals
Surfer, photographer, seamstress and all around rad human being - Anna Ehrgott
Anna soaking up the beauty of coastal Southern California
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