Triptych (noun) is a work of art composed or presented in three parts or sections.

Twenty years ago REEF began a partnership with one of the most beloved, dominant and influential surfers of all time… follow along over the next few weeks as we celebrate and take you through a visual journey of Mick Fanning with never before seen footage from his surfing vault. REEF is honored to extend this amazing relationship with Mick Fanning into the next decade.

Part I of III

Part II of III

Part III of III

Film by: Vaughan Blakey & Nick Pollet

Shot by: Simon “Shagga” Saffigna

Additional footage by: Nick Pollet & Tim Bonython


1/3 - Boathouse by Les Krills

2/3 - Bring a Brick by Le Shiv

3/3 - Alive Again by Baby