Introducing the REEF Adventure Seekers. Follow this creative crew of photographers, adventurers, artists and collaborators who are always Just Passing Through and doing with a conscience. Tune into #ReefAdventureSeeker on Instagram and join the journey of #justpassingthrough.

Brooke Dombroski, aka Brooklyn Hawaii

Photographer, Creative, Surfer

Age 30

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii


  • Global travels: Indonesia, French Polynesia, Maldives, Mexico, X-Country US, Hawaiian Islands
  • Best adventure so far: Island hopping through French Polynesia
  • Favorite Reef shoe or sandal: Reef Rover
  • #1 song for the journey: Bottom of a Rainbow by Kimie Miner
  • Favorite coastline: My home, the North Shore of O'ahu
  • What #justpassingthrough means to you: Taking only photos and leaving Aloha everywhere I go...
  • Favorite way to give back: Supporting friends and strangers in achieving their dreams however that's possible ... 

Anna Ehrgott

Surfer, board bag maker, photographer 

Age 25

Topanga, California


  • Passions: Surfing, traveling, sewing, photography
  • Best adventure so far: 3 months road tripping along the coast of South Africa
  • Favorite Reef shoe or sandal:  Women's Walled Low in mustard
  • #1 Song for the journey: Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Favorite coastline: South Africa, but the Pacific Northwest is a close second!
  • What #justpassingthrough means to you:  Let the travel bug feast, run so fast you can't stop, and enjoy the constant motion. When everything is new, you constantly feel like a child, in awe of every moment. I never want to stop learning and travel is the ultimate education. 
  • Favorite way to give back: Caring for the Earth

Logan Rauhut

Photographer, Surfer, Road Tripper

Age 20

Oxnard, California


  • Global travels: Mentawaiis, Indonesia. Costa Rica, all over Mexico, Australia, everywhere I can in California 
  • Best adventure so far: Any road trip along the coast of California. Every time I go somewhere here it amazes me how much I find in my own backyard.
  • Favorite Reef shoe or sandal: The Leather Reef Spiniker Mid tops
  • #1 song for the journey: Roadrunner by The Modern Lovers
  • What #justpassingthrough means to you: It’s all about the road it takes to get to your destination. We're always moving and always making changes on the road and in life and you have to enjoy it all, because it's about the adventure as much as it is about the destination.
  • Favorite way to give back: I love helping out with the Young and Brave Foundation, which is dedicated to helping young people battle cancer. I love being apart of events and spreading the word about what they're doing through any medium I can.

Eryn Krouse

Free Diver, Surfer, Violinist, Globe Trotter

Age 19

West Hills, California


  • Best Adventure so far: Fishing on a boat in Alaska and swimming with stingrays in Moorea
  • Favorite Reef shoe or sandal: Reef Rovers
  • #1 song for the journey: Yellow Eyes by Rayland Baxter
  • Favorite coastline: PCH, California
  • Favorite water activity: Surfing
  • What #justpassingthrough means to you: Just Passing Through embodies the nature of someone who has a yearning to open up their minds by exploring the world and different cultures. Learning things about yourself along the way and making unforgettable memories. It's for the person that has the travel bug and is always on the move, constantly stepping out of their comfort zone and growing as a person. It's what I try to live by. 
  • Favorite way to give back: Being a Special Olympics swim coach was one of the best experiences I've ever had. 

Rachel and Josh Shankle aka Voyages of Agape

Surfers, Climbers, Divers, Travelers

Age 26 and 28

Ventura, CA

@voyagesofagape, @moore_rachel, @bylandandsea

  • Passions: rock climbing, scuba/free diving, sailing, traveling, beach volleyball, surfing
  • Global Travels: Thailand, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Germany, British on US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii
  • Best Adventure So Far: Our eight day backpacking trip through the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru, and our trip up the Amazon River on a working cargo ship.
  • Favorite Reef Shoe or Sandal: The Women’s Reef Rover sandals in black and Rover Low in blue/snake. The Reef Rover Mid in black/aluminum 
  • Favorite Coastline: The coast of the Channel Islands off of Southern California.
  • What #justpassingthrough Means To You: We are always on the go, whether it’s sailing on our boat or traveling in our adventure van, we are always trying to find and explore new places. This year we hope to leave on our sailboat for a five year circumnavigation and for us #justpassingthrough will truly become our full-time lifestyle. We will constantly be #justpassingthrough places on our journey around the globe. As we travel we love to learn about a place’s history, it’s practices and it’s different way of living. We try to absorb as much of a culture and a place as we can while trying to leave as little of our trace behind. On Agape we make our own water from the sea, we generate our own power from the sun and we try to catch most of our own fish. As we simplify our life we hope to erase most of our footprint left on this planet and use our resources to give back to the communities we get a chance to visit along the way.
  • Favorite Way To Give Back: We enjoy volunteering and plan to give back to orphanages along our journey. We both love the ocean and want to do all we can to educate and empower others to keep our fisheries and waters sustainable and healthy. 

* The above Reef Adventure Seekers use the hashtag #ReefAdventureSeeker are receiving compensation from Reef.