Reef Ambassador, Mikala Jones is a man of many secrets, most of which are perfect waves. You know when you go on a trip with Mikala that it's best to not ask too many questions... just know that you'll be surfing epic waves. Check out this latest edit by SURFER. See the full story with photos HERE.

Mikala Jones | Location Redacted

Where we are going is nowhere near Uluwatu, but that is about all that I know. Jones has more secrets than the NSA, and zero tolerance for whistleblowers. I don’t bother asking many questions, which is probably for the best, since I get only pointedly obtuse responses anyway. “Don’t worry about it,” he says when I prod him about the wave we’re headed to. “Just pack your paddle vest and make sure we have enough food for a week. And try to get some sleep; we’ll be traveling all night.” In Jones’ world, there is no such thing as full disclosure.