Spotlight Feature on Local Supermom Dani Luecht

Dani with her sons Weston and Rhyder

We recently caught up with our local super mom Dani Luecht, All Ye Citizens shopowner and mother of Weston (6) and Rhyder (4), and she shared what's it like balancing being a mom and business owner.

Dani Luecht in her shop, All Ye Citizens

“It's truly all about balance. It can be hard at times, like with anything, but I've been able to keep a pretty regular schedule that allows me to have my mornings and evenings with my boys. I can do school drop off in the morning and I'm able to bring my younger son with me to the shop for a few hours a couple of days a week. When I'm home, I try not to answer emails so I can just be present with my boys. It's not always easy, but we've found a good rhythm that is working for now. And I have such amazing support from my husband and parents. It really takes a village!

Weston and Rhyder

Owning a shop of my own was a dream I was given years ago, not knowing that it would actually become a reality so quickly. I managed a boutique in Vista, CA for a few years which opened my eyes to my passion for retail and featuring brands/vendors that normally people wouldn't know about. Last Fall, I was inspired to just go for it with my own business, All Ye Citizens, an every day makers' market featuring handmade goods from people near and far. Brandy Bailey and I  found our space in South Oceanside very quickly and the doors just kept flying open for us. We are absolutely loving it and it brings us so much joy to be apart of this thriving community. 

Dani with her Reef Escape sandals

I think I was meant to be a mom of boys, they've helped ground me and be the best version of myself. Although, I wouldn't mind if a cute little blonde, blue eyed girl joined our family! 

Boogie boarding!!

We go to the beach at least 3 days a week in the summer, it's truly the one place we all feel at peace and I can let the boys run wild and free. We had a great time just being us.

Beach bums!

This summer, we are actually planning a road trip to Colorado for a family reunion. We plan to stop at the Grand Canyon, Zion and Lake Powell, and some other fun stops along the way. My family grew up road tripping all over the country, so I'm super excited to share my love of adventure with my boys. I'm excited to wear all my Reef favorites as we pass through state after state, sharing memories along the way.”