Where do we seek adventure and discovery when the waves are flat? Recently, we packed up our bags and hit the road with Reef roamer and adventure-seeker Noelle Huerta (@noelliebellies) of Boho Beach Babe, and took the 395 Hwy from the beaches of San Diego, to the mountains of the Eastern Sierra Range. With REEF Rovers in one hand, and camera in the other, we explored Fossil Falls, the base of Mt. Whitney, Alabama Hills, and every spot with character and a good photo opp. We pitched a tent lakeside, and hiked 11 miles to Gem Lake. We explored hot springs before the sun rose, and came across bear territory. We grilled on the campfire, and fished upstream. We continually discovered new sights, smells, and feelings outside, but kept the momentum going and continued the journey, never stopping for too long- just enough to take in those #justpassingthrough moments. Checkout the photo gallery and our road trip playlist that bring back those #justpassingthrough moments and inspire your own journey of discovery.