In the spirit of Just Passing Through and our shared passion for music, we teamed up with Reef Ambassador Evan Geiselman and our favorite festival enthusiast, Natalie Off Duty.  Two individuals from very different walks of life, perspectives, and backgrounds, with one thing in common- Just Passing Through: 

“Always looking for adventure. Always finding the next best thing (including discovering a ton of new bands we now love). Always finding the next trail to hike. Always on our feet. Always moving. Always traveling. Even if for me, it means fashion weeks and photoshoots, I still always go back to that California native lifestyle I've only known...those moments out playing in the sun.” - Natalie Off Duty

That's when the Reef Rovers come into play. Light enough to fit in your suitcase, and comfortable enough you can run through the airport in them, dance in them, and even rock hopping and hiking through the Greenbelt before putting them on again right after. Made for the beach, the desert, and that long walk on the side of the mountain.    

For SXSW, you could find Natalie pairing her Rovers with a full-on denim jumpsuit and bandana. Or the REEF "day catch" sandals with a fringed leather skirt and tube top.  Evan sported Reef Surfaris Boardshorts in the daytime exploring the outdoors of Austin, and dressed up with the Wash Out button up and the Reef Ripper shoes for the shows.

Here’s some of our favorite music discoveries from the festival:

Deap Vally
Sam Outlaw
Joey Badass
Matthew Logan Vasquez
Blue Healer
Lower Dens
The Kills

And our favorite photos from adventuring around Austin...