Just Passing Through Malibu // HEREWITH x Victoria Vergara

Our Reef Ambassador Victoria Vergara recently met up with HEREWITH, our favorite guide for a modern beach lifestyle, that shares a passion for “Just Passing Through” and love for the ocean. And while the waves in Malibu may have been a little weak, the water felt refreshing, the sun was out–things could always be worse. The crew spent the day on the edge of PCH, dancing in the sand and the sea. Victoria had plans to head back to Biarritz, but California just felt too nice to leave so soon. So she changed her ticket home to explore more of California and extended her Just Passing Through experience in the golden state. 

Words by REEF and HEREWITH @herewithmagazine
Photos by Serena Lutton @serenalutton
Video by Tahnei Roy @tahneinei


We met up the the beautiful Victoria for a early morning surf in Malibu. Check out more at Herewith.com