3 Reasons for Just Passing Through Chiapas

Waterfall in Chiapas Mexico

by Reef Adventure Seekers Voyagea of Agape

Lush jungles, expansive rivers and ancient ruins beckoned Reef Adventure Seekers, Voyages of Agape inland from their voyage south on the sea. They recently anchored up for a few days and headed for the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico.

Road trip through Chiapas

“Chiapas is a unique place full of diversity. This southern most region of Mexico has pine-forested highlands, perennial rainforests, rugged mountains and colonial cities all lying side by side.

Pyramids in Chiapas

The legacy of Spanish rule and the remnants of ancient Maya civilization collide, a true paradise for adventure lovers looking to venture off the beaten track.

Get the shot!

The top three things to see in Chiapas include waterfalls, ruins and the countryside, and we intended to taste and see what we could in the few days we had on land! Here’s a to-do list for your trip to Chiapas:


Chiapas’s most visited waterfalls are El Chiflon, Agua Azul, Las Nubes, Misol-Ha, El Chorreadero and Aguacero. You can’t go wrong venturing out to see any of these beauties!

Waterfall hiking in Chiapas
Chiapas Mexico
Beautiful waterfalls in Chiapas Mexico

Most locations also allow camping and the best time of year to visit is the spring when the water is a stunning chalky blue color. During rainy season the falls are still beautiful but the water turns a murky brown.

Setting up camp in Chiapas Mexico

Second Stop: RUINS!

The most notable ruins in Chiapas are Palenque, Yaxchilan, Tonina, Bonampak and Tenam Puente. Some are more popular than others, and the best way we’ve found to beat the crowds is to go early when the parks first open or stay late until after the tour buses leave.

Reef Deckhand shoes
Hiking the ruins in Chiapas
Chiapas Mexico


San Cristobal is a colonial city set in a highland valley, surrounded by pine trees and indigenous villages. The cobblestone streets are lined with cool cafes, funky hostels and traditional artisan markets. There is lots to do in and around this charming city, from visiting the museums, to browsing the markets, and seeing the colorful churches. It’s definitely a spot not to be missed.

San Cristobal Mexico
San Cristobal
Local market in San Cristobal

As always, it’s always important to be preparing adventuring through a foreign country. Here’s our 5 tips for packing/traveling in Chiapas:

1. Bring a good water filter or UV water purifier.

Chiapas is known for it’s poor water quality and it’s safest to drink only bottled water or water you have filtered.

2. Pack for different climates.

The jungles are hot and humid, so a good pair of sandals are a must. We brought our leather Voyage Sandals, with 100% waterproof leathers. In the mountains, it’s nice to have closed toed shoes as the temperatures can drop quite drastically, so we brought our Voyage Boots (Both are water friendly with Reef Swellular technology which make them super comfortable for any adventure).

Reef Voyage sandals
Reef Voyage Boots

3. If you are going during rainy season make sure to bring a good rain jacket.

It normally doesn’t rain all day but it does rainy almost everyday for a short period in either early morning or in the evening. (Another reason to bring water-friendly gear!)

4. Patience.

Practicing patience is key here. Everything takes longer and seems to lack in efficiency. Plan to set aside extra time for trips.

5. Safety.

We’ve spent six months living in Mexico and have yet to feel unsafe. Everyone we have met has been unbelievably kind and generous, but every country in the world has it’s bad apples and it’s best to put away your camera when you are not using it, do not wear flashy jewelry or clothes and steer away from sketchy streets. Trust your instincts!

Voyages of Agape in Mexico