Together, we saved energy and water by using LITE Leather

Preserving our natural environment is one of our core missions as a brand. By saving energy and water throughout our products creation process, we’re lessening our carbon footprint on the planet – and you’re helping us do it!

All of our leather products feature ISA LITE leather. LITE leather is Low Impact to Environment Leather. Leathers made through the traditional tanning process uses about 65% more energy and 50% more water than LITE leather. We determine if a product is considered to have LITE leather is based on its CO2 footprint, which involves documenting carbon dioxide emissions for each square meter of leather produced.

Energy Saved

In 2017 we saved a total of 809,336.86 kwh of energy. The average person uses about 20,800 kwh of energy per year so, our saving is equivalent to around 38 people’s yearly energy consumption.

Energy Saved

In 2017 we also saved 2,264,428.62 Gallons of water. According to, the average person uses 80-100 gallons of water per day so, our saving is equivalent to 25,000 peoples water consumption for a day.