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Feb. 10th- UCSD the Loft, La Jolla, CA

Feb 11th- Constellation Room, Santa Ana, CA

Feb 12th- Slim’s, San Francisco, CA

Interview with Waters lead singer, Van Pierszalowski:

Tell us about life on the road. What kind of adventures do you get into on tour?
We try to balance staying healthy with enjoying tour. Every morning, we try to hit Whole Foods or a local market and get food for the whole day. It can be brutal on the highways with just gas station snacks, so it’s important to start the day with real food. We also all work out together in the hotel fitness rooms. It can get sweaty in there, but its so worth it. It's so easy to get out of shape on the road, so we keep each other in check. 

What is the strangest thing you’ve encountered on the road?
We came very close to getting arrested in New Orleans for trespassing along the Mississippi River. We successfully played the "we are dumb tourists from California" card and we got off the hook, but all five of us with pinned against a chain link fence and told that we were going to jail "for at least five days." 

What’s your favorite outdoor activity up in San Francisco?
I really like taking my dog to Fort Funston, surfing at Pacifica, and going hiking all up and down the coast. There are so many amazing spots in the Bay.

What are your top 5 breakfast burrito spots in SF?
Oh man. There are so many. I'll just focus on the Mission. El Farolito, Pancho Villa, Taqueria Cancun, Los Coyotes, La Palma. 

Are you performing at any festivals this year?
We're mainly going to be working on new material, but we will be playing Bottlerock up in Napa, which I'm really excited about!

What was the inspiration behind your song, “What’s Real?”
We wanted to make a record that grew from the inspiration of the bands we listened to growing up. I wanted to connect with what made me fall in love with music in the first place.

Which artist /band do you get inspiration from?
The Beatles. 

What does #justpassingthrough mean to you?
Well, as a touring band, we are almost always passing through somewhere. It's a blessing and a curse. It's great to see so many places and to get a little taste of so many different cities. But it's tough because there are so many places that we'd love to explore for longer periods of time.