Every Bit Counts

Since 2018, REEF has been a proud partner of the Surfrider Foundation, and co-founder of the Better Beach Alliance. In that time, we have seen firsthand the impacts and importance of beach cleanups— they do so much more than clean the beach! In honor of International Coastal Cleanup month, we invite you to join us and our friends at Surfrider by hosting your own Solo Beach Cleanup. Read on to learn about the ripple effect that your cleanup can have on your community and the planet, now and for generations to come.

Direct Impacts

So far this year, at least 45,294 pounds of trash and recycling have been removed from U.S. beaches and waterways by 6,119 volunteers (like you!) at 320 cleanups reported by Surfrider chapters throughout the country. Together with our partners at Surfrider Europe, a total of 52,599 volunteers have hosted 1,482 cleanups and removed an estimated 117,918 pounds of trash from beaches across the U.S. and Europe in this year alone.

Citizen Science

Through beach cleanups, we can all contribute important data that helps organizations like Surfrider keep up the fight to protect the ocean and coasts. In cleaning trash and recyclables from our beaches, we not only remove these items from the natural environment, but we can record and report our findings to help scientists and decision makers better understand ocean and coastal pollution. While this year has presented obstacles to hosting community gatherings like public beach cleanups, you can join the Better Beach Alliance by hosting your own solo cleanup and reporting your data directly to Surfrider’s beach cleanup database— just follow this simple guide to become a citizen scientist and help protect your local beach!

The Ripple Effect

Surfrider defines a campaign victory as a decision made in favor of the coastal environment that results in a positive conservation outcome, improves coastal access, or does both. Surfrider’s vision is to influence these decisions to achieve 100% protection of the coasts— and together, we’re making progress every day. In 2019, with REEF’s support, Surfrider achieved the most recorded Coastal Victories since they first began tracking their campaign successes. Of our 42 campaign victories so far in 2020, 17 will help effectively reduce plastic pollution at the source, 8 of which have resulted in statewide changes. Help us keep up the momentum this year by hosting a Solo Beach Cleanup and reporting your data to Surfrider. Learn more and download a data card here!