How to have a Weekend Adventure on a Budget with Reef Adventure Seeker Logan Rauhut 

Fall is here, and that means back to the school grind. Weekend vacations are much needed, and free weekend adventures are the best for the student on a budget.

A quick drive out of the city of Ojai is a great way to get outside and de-stress. It’s a complete weekend with hiking, swimming, and surfing—for free.

1.  Ojai has countless hiking, camping, and secret swimming holes. If you’re up for the adventure (and jumping a fence or two), Matilija Dam is my favorite spot for a swim.

2.  Don’t forget to pack the right gear. Rover Hi Boots for your girlfriend, and I prefer the Rover Mid and the work boot-inspired Ridge Mids for light hikes and camping.

3.  A short drive away, Emma Wood State park has free roadside camping with an ocean front campfire.

4.  Wake up to waves. Or drive up the central coast to round out the weekend with a surf.