Happy Valentine’s Day

from Reef

Valentine's is not only a day about romance, it's a day filled with fun, joy, laughter and showing love for those most important to you. Check out 4 of our favorite valentine's duos and what V-day means to them..

Bri Dietz - San Diego, California

"I hope Elle is my forever Galentine and will enthusiastically match me until she's 33 :). A lady can dream, right? She loves all things pink, sparkly, floral and sweet so Valentine's was made for her!"

valentines day

Brinkley Davies - Adelaide, South Australia

“I try to make everyday a little bit like Valentines day, do things that make you happy, be adventurous, surround yourself with love. Surfing and free diving together, an adventurous, caring and happy spirit, is what makes Lach such a great Valentine, we have fun, and I struggle to wipe the smile off my face around him.”

valentines day

Erin Schineller - Cocoa Beach, Florida

Jaden is the perfect galentine because she is always down for an adventure. From sunrise açaí bowls on the beach to face masks and cookie dough nights, she’s there for it all. She isn’t afraid to keep it real and will make sure you laugh along the way!

valentines day

Cathie Rattanakone - Sherman Oaks, California

“Ashley and I have been friends for 13 years, she’s my road trip buddy, my confidant, my happy hour enthusiast and my fellow concert rockstar. We always have fun, no matter what we’re doing.”

valentines day

Reef - Carlsbad, CA

“Don’t forget a little self-love too!”

valentines day